There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Paola Marquez | Business Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I have stayed true to myself even on the hardest days. I have come to believe that without a true sense of wholesome identity and self-honesty, it is entirely impossible to be truly happy and successful. Read more>>

Alley Leto | Creator & Founder of Life of Alley & Magazine Contributor

I believe that the most important factor in any long term success is to work hard, stay focused and remain authentic to your core values and beliefs. Read more>>

Pamela and Bryant White | Historic artists

Bryant and I began painting 18th Century American history about twenty years ago . We had each been working in commercial art- book illustration for me and design work for him with most of our spare time involved in historic events. It was this love of history that gave us our brand . We had discovered that many stories and people from the colonial and Revolutionary War periods had never been told and we decided to paint them. Our market is small but so is our competition. Read more>>