We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Marsais Urban | Texas Photographer & Fashion-Lifestyle Blogger

I think one of the most important decisions I’ve made that I feel has contributed to my success has been deciding to go for something and pursuing it as fervently as possible while simultaneously trusting my own self above any outsider opinion. I worked really hard to create the business I knew I wanted. You will always have a slew of varying opinions on what can/will work for your business (and life), and until you decide for yourself what you want- it’s easy to sway back and forth to do what you “think” you should be doing or are told is the way to succeed. Pursuing something with your whole heart and trusting your own self intuition feels like by far my biggest success and lesson overall. Read more>>

Akua Gray | Traditional Naturopath

This is an easy question and very important question! That single most important decision was hiring a marketing consultant. This move propelled my business from 5 figures to 6 figures in less than two years. I’ve learned that marketing is the one thing that many wellness businesses do not do enough of. It has been said that your business will not be successful if no one knows you’re in business. Getting the word out about the wellness services and resource has been both challenging and invigorating. Challenging in that if it is done right, it will take up a considerable amount of time and money to gain consistency. Invigorating because when you see the response to ads, word of mouth, PR, and marketing events, the numbers in all things important to a business changes for the better! Read more>>

Austin O’Krinsky | President

I wanted this shop to be a one stop shop. I wanted it to be a place you could come with any idea and we are capable of handling any area if work needing to be done to customize your vehicle. Not to mention we have all the state of the art equipment, design and product experience & the best installers out there. We wanted to be a place where you can get something one of a kind that no one else can have. That has been a major factor into our success. Read more>>