We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Michelle Marquez | Senior at HBU & Writer/Creative

I am inspired by life! Despite any adversities that I may be faced with, I still look towards a brighter tomorrow and the promise of a new beginning. Read more>>

Pamela Urcid | Yoga Instructor & Content Creator

I’m inspired by the people, the stories that they have to tell and the experiences they’ve been through keep me in the moment. I believe that living in the present is the ultimate state of inspiration you can be in and having that opportunity to teach people Yoga keeps me grounded and always fresh. Read more>>

Mackbo | Hip/Hop Artist

Life, from my day to day activities to my surroundings. Seeing my progress in only two years since I wrote my first song keeps me striving man, it’s been nothing but growth. Being from Savannah and starting my music in Texas just showed me how to really get it on my own. I want to be a star in this world and elevate my people. Always Strive And Prosper ya’ know. Read more>>

Drew Graves | Artist

I like to find simplicity in complex ideas or objects. I’m inspired by nature. Plants, geology, and the cosmos. Read more>>

Laura Lark | Artist, Writer, Instructor

Everything around me! I affectionately refer to my home and backyard studio as “The Compound”. I feel really fortunate for the way things are setup here because I have a lot of space, and I’ve been healthy. When COVID hit, it just gave me a lot of time to be alone and work in my studio. I’ve been painting and drawing, and I hung a green screen for video on one wall, which has been a lot of fun. My dad now lives in my (thankfully–cleaning up the space was becoming terrifying prospect) defunct Airbnb space, and the news is always on over there. I’m afraid my reaction to the preposterousness of what I see and hear has driven me to new levels of absurdity. An actor and writer friend, David LaDuca, and I have made a couple of parody commercials in response to some of what’s going on. My favorite is for an invisible, spray-on mask. But I’m also afraid that things have become so surreal, it’s difficult to effectively parody any of it. After a certain point, it’s just not that much fun lampooning the ignorance. Read more>>