We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Joshua Reece | Air Force Officer & Business Owner

Freedom is my ultimate inspiration. I want to be able to travel where I want and spend my time how I want to spend my time. Owning a business and curating a brand is a great way for me to get closer to being totally free to live my life how I want to live it. Read more>>

Inga Strauss Godejord | Professional Silk Artist and an Owner of INGASILKS

I am among the artists who do not look or wait for inspiration to motivate them, rather I believe that the unique IMAGINATION of the artist is the key for artistic growth. Thus my imagination is the most important component of my personal creative process. As an artist, establishing the right mood, in my case a peaceful, unhurried atmosphere conductive to reflection is essential. Sometimes that amount of time needed to properly prepare for work is longer than the time spent working. I do a lot of sketching before I tackle the actual painting on silk. Before I start to paint it is also essential for my studio be organized and quiet, for there to be an emotional calmness and plenty of light. Because of the material properties of silk, once you begin to paint you must work very quickly, be prepared to make every nuanced artistic decision for the piece at lightning speed. Read more>>

Brenda Simmons | CEO Music Producer

What inspires me is helping new artist fulfill their dream of becoming a professional entertainer, many people who pursue music fall by the wayside of music industry but if their passion is greater than their desire then with the right team they will succeed MUSIC inspires me SUGARBABEE IS MY INSPIRATION. Read more>>

Bruce Boyd | Performance & Wellness Coach

I’m inspired by any and everything from nutrition, exercises/movements, books, meditation, systems, techniques, music, bio hacks, etc. that can assist people in optimal performance in sports and life. Read more>>