We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Jadefly Jackson | Lead Vocalist For Jadefly & The Pollinators

Inspiration shows up in many forms. Mostly I am inspired by what happens in a day, whether it be the mood, the happy moments shared and even the adversity that is faced head on. Read more>>

Darius Boutte | Known as FRN Dario (Hip/Hop Artist)

First and foremost my inspiration is my kids. Then there’s music. Great songs move people. The creativity and talent that God blessed me with to make music amazes me in a wonderful way. Read more>>

Nayely De Leon | Charcuterie Creator

Behind every big action is an inspiration or influence. For my charcuterie business and I, my biggest inspiration was the desire for a free life in the future. I believe we should create and follow our own road instead of societies traditional road. Me having created this business gave me the freedom to run my life, my finances, my products, my customers and more. I have a freedom that everyone deserves. Find your inspiration and take action!. Read more>>

Tershara Matthews | Editor-in-Chief and Scientist

I am inspired by others being successful. I love to see others win and find their purpose and passion. It empowers me to know that it can happen for me as well. It gives me hope for what is yet to come in life. It may seem funny, but other people’s success frees me to think bigger and challenge myself more. Read more>>