We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Optimistic Gangsta | Hip-Hop Artist

My legacy is everyone’s legacy. I say that because I’m on a mission to spark the minds of the youth and to help the youth network with each other to create solutions upon our social issues in our communities. I understand that performing arts is the highest form of psychology. I want to change the behavior and outlook of society through music, acting, dancing, etc. I will be remembered as a philosopher of communication and arts through humanitarian actions. Read more>>

Erica King | CEO/ KEE Essential Beauty

I would like my legacy to be about me creating opportunities for other women, especially minority women. I want people to remember me through my daughters, the way I inspire them to be business women and future leaders. Women who give back, and look back to help the next women. I want to be know for being a loyal wife, a proud mother, and a courageous business women! Read more>>

Andrew Davis | Producer & Label Owner

I want my legacy to be known as a hard working individual who made it out of Alief and was able to put his people on and give back to his hometown. My new record label RMP Records is more than just a home for artist. It’s also a charity. I have so many things planned and in the works that I want to do, not only for my producing and label owning careers but for the community as well. Read more>>