Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Tess Bahbouche | CEO, Planner & Designer

The success for me is recognition by the industry leaders and peers. I always strive to deliver the best service to my clients and their guests, but I also try to be an excellent colleague to other vendors in my field. I also a believer in “no pain, no gain”. And whenever I succeed in anything I always grateful for all my hours of hard work, mistakes, and any problems which I have faced in the past. After all, these hardships made me learn my lesson and improve myself personally and professionally. Read more>>

Ozzy Guragac | CEO

Success is the mindset of clearing up obstacles on the way towards your goal/achievement. The more obstacles you discard, more successful you become. Other than that, there’s no such thing as unsuccess. Read more>>

Anthony Flores | Visual Artist, Wellness Researcher & Mystic

Success is only defined by the Individual. As everyone’s path is different, there is no one true way to obtain it. Moments of success will happen at random times throughout your life – so don’t get upset if things do not go your way in regards to a certain project/task. It simply means that it was not for you, or rather, it was meant as a lesson. Take the chance to change your perspective on certain things in order to keep moving forward. The definition of Success is subjective. Read more>>

Lisa Waddell | Fine Art Photographer

I define success by what I have accomplished over any given period of time. I am a task oriented person so I like to get stuff done. I am not so driven, however, that I cease to recognize that small accomplishments are just as important as the large ones. One day is a success because I finished the laundry. Another day is a success because I sold some of my art. Read more>>