Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Terrance Jackson | Just a man that loves God & Family

The fact that God & Family leads the charge. If you don’t have those two aren’t the most important you can expect your business & personal life to fail as well as suffer. Read more>>

Chevette Lewis | Owner/Operator of The Glow Skin Spa, Licensed Esthetician and Registered Nurse

The most important factor behind my success so far is be consistent in your business during profitable and non-profitable days. Consistency must exist in your customer service, networking, the quality of service that you render to a client and so on. Consistency plays a large part in the reputation of your brand. Read more>>

Zvestly Plantin | Content Creator

As a content creator and business owner, I think the most important factor is being authentic in everything you do. Do not try to fit into a box. Be yourself, and do what you like. Don’t allow yourself to try to conform to society’s expectations. Put out content and products that are true to who you are, what you like, and what you believe in. It makes being consistent and producing quality material so much easier for you when you don’t have to force it. Read more>>

Alexandria Ward | Multifaceted Strategist & Pastor

The most important factor behind my success is my relationship with God. That is the key. We all define success differently, but my definition of a successful business or brand is one that fulfills our God given purpose here on Earth. My success is rooted in my relationship with God and the reason He has me here. As long as I know my reason I am here, success isn’t beyond my reach. In my industry, it requires a lot of mental and emotional stability. It requires wisdom, the ability to be a problem solver and a quick thinker. It requires discipline and focus. Read more>>

Lindsay Mitchell | Social Media Influencer & Educator

As a content creator, I believe that the most important factor behind my success and/or the success of my brand is always being true to myself and continuing to be myself no matter what. I am not the type of person to “switch up” to make others like me, to make others happy, to satisfy others for their satisfaction. I am always myself and that’s something that I take pride. I don’t try to fit in where I am not desired/wanted and where I am desired/wanted, there’s no need to fit in because it happens naturally. My brand is ME, I am a reflection of myself. Read more>>

Ronisha Howard | Ronisha Howard, BSW, MSW

The most important factor behind my success is my drive to continue to run a business and work a full time job and be a mom of 3 girls. You have to have dedication and enjoy what you are doing. The joy of selling hats isn’t about the money its about how it brings peace and it’s my happiness. The story behind being a hat lover was inspired by my grandmother Jewel. She was a hardworking women that raised 10 children. She was a women of faith and enjoyed attending church. When she arrived at church she wore various big hats. Read more>>