Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Armand Shafaii | Shafaii Broadway Events Business Owner

The most important factor in our businesses success has been being able to provide top notch customer service. Clients come to us to celebrate some of the most important days of their lives, whether a wedding, quinceañera, graduation or anniversary we are there to help take away the stress of planning such a big celebration. Our company provides all inclusive packages that include every detail needed to make their event a success. Our professional staff has the experience and know how to ensure that our clients can relax and enjoy their day. Read more>>

Lexi Coleman | Content Creator & Diplomat

I changed my username on instagram to TravelingAlexis a few years ago. Looking back on it, I realize that means I started branding myself before I even had a brand. I first started TikToking for fun, purely to document my time living abroad and have little video memories I could enjoy. I never thought anyone would watch and I think that’s why it’s been successful. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in trends and prototypes and I think had I been actively trying to be an influencer it probably wouldn’t have worked. Read more>>

Jared Hrabovsky | Mortgage Lender

The most important factor is honesty. We live in a world were we see marketing scams on a daily basis. The only way to build trust with someone is to be honest and have integrity. Read more>>

Jerald Scott | Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Trader

My faith in God and His undeniable grit instilled in me to not ever give up are the two factors I deem most important behind my success. I was thrown off a freeway, legged nearly ripped off my body, lost 9 pints of blood, shattered my whole left arm and wasn’t found for 3 hours. It was my strong faith and grit that allowed me to wake up in ICU with jokes and determination. This is what I bring into my businesses and my brand. There will always be a challenge. There will always be an obstacle. However, no matter what’s thrown at me, I will always prevail! There is nothing God said I couldn’t handle or endure with Him on my side. That and a lot of stubbornness lol.. Read more>>

Brandon & Nicole White | Owners of BienVenue Events

We believe that the most important factor behind our success is consistency. Consistent effort, consistent customer service and consistent willingness to improve have been paramount to our success so far. Read more>>

Yuxin Jin | Proud Hilton College Hospitality Alumni

There are two things that contribute to my business success: a commitment to product quality and a commitment to providing the best customer service. These two things are what makes Feng Cha stand out from other teahouses. Feng Cha Teahouse offers handcrafted, premium quality teas and desserts. The baristas follow recipes precisely and only use the best teas and fresh fruits. Read more>>

Megan Pintell | Content Creator & Foodie

I believe the most important factor behind my success is taking something I always enjoyed doing as a hobby and turning it into my career. Growing up, I always enjoyed finding new places to visit and trying new places to eat. When traveling, I was most interested in finding the coolest places around the area that I was visiting. I would even spend hours researching places on Google maps for fun. I decided to start making videos about the places I would visit on TikTok and I realized how much I love food blogging. I saw the potential of making content creating into a full time career. The creative process fits my personality as I’ve always been a creative person but I also love being able to help promote local businesses. Read more>>

Skye Vila | Co- Owner and Buyer

In this business, the most important factor behind success is being unique. I don’t sell what everyone else is selling. We work extremely hard to find unique and interesting styles and toys that you just don’t see everywhere. I can guarantee that Petite Re is one of the most interesting children’s boutiques in Texas. We learn from our customer base, and I take every bit of advice and criticism serious. We strive to be a shopping experience, and we take pride in everything we sell. These rules keep our customers loyal and our business growing. Read more>>

Chris Spicks | Creative Photographer, Artist & Designer

Know Your Roll – As a photographer (or any role), running a business forces you to wear so many different hats, that eventually, you will become overwhelmed with the burden. I try to explain that (for example) when you decide to build your own website, you learn, watch videos, spend 40-100 hours, and use some sub par web builder, in the end, it is not going to be spectacular, it won’t rank high, it will load slowly, and eventually be a waste of time and resources if it does not do the thing it is supposed to do. Read more>>

Tianna Jenkins | Creative Director & Founder

When I started CosignedByGod, I started a brand that will have longevity unity, fellowship, and unlimited favor from God. When I launched CosignedByGod on July 15, 2021, I had no idea how impactful this brand will be to the world. All I had was a little bit of faith the size of a mustard seed. I didn’t have those miraculous long business plans or marketing plans in place like most businesses.. I truly live to allow the Lord to order my footsteps and everything pertaining CosignedByGod. The most important factor behind CosignedByGod success is that it’s driven by the Kingdom Of God and not secular driven. Worldly success only display materialistic factors and we are far from those meanings of success. Everyday I wake up I choose God and God’s people, and that along will allow us to continue to grow towards more success and greater opportunities as well. Read more>>