Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Trevin Oberkrom | Owner – Team Leader | The Krom Group brokered with CB&A, Realtors

Hands down success comes from effort and your surroundings! I fortunately learned very early on in this business that your results are directly a result of the effort you put forth, Real Estate sometimes gets a bad reputation for being easy to get into or it provides you this great freedom of schedule and lifestyle you can’t find in most fields. That could not be further from the truth, the best of the best in this business work hard for everything they produce. There are no short cuts or tricks to becoming an elite agent, you have to work hard, invest in yourself physically and mentally, and you need to surround yourself with people more successful than you as mentors. Read more>>

Nicole Alzate | Founder of Aziel Design Co.

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is God. Everything I’ve been able to accomplish has been thanks to Him, His love, His guidance, and the strength He gives me to keep going every day. My brand is based on God’s power and love, so I truly owe it all to Him. Read more>>

Rabia Meghani | Yoga Therapist, Researcher & Eastern Healing Advocate

Authenticity. I truly believe in order for my message and work to resonate I have to live what I teach. What I promote has to be a part of how I go about my day and my interactions with others. Providing valuable and authentic content that is geared towards promoting mindful in all beings is what has been made my brand and work successful. Read more>>

Dr. Nicholas Hardy | Psychotherapist

The most important factor behind the success of my counseling practice has been authenticity. It’s a word that is popularized, but in counseling, it is foundational to connecting with people where they are and creating a safe environment that allows people to be themselves. It sounds easy, but this is not always a simple task. We adjust to our environments so frequently, whether work, family, friendships, etc. that we often lose touch with our true, authentic self. Read more>>

Bianca Joseph, LMSW | Therapist & Community Healer

The most important factor behind my success has been support from others. Throughout all my endeavors, I have had my family’s relentless support and support from the community. In any project, I’ve attracted knowledgeable and resourceful mentors to offer insight, guidance, and inspiration, The support I received from the loved individuals along the way has amplified my own intrinsic motivation for success and propelled me faster and closer to my goals. As a result, I offer the same mentorship and guidance to those who come to me, both professionally as a school social worker and personally as a nonprofit organizer and consultant. Read more>>

Tamala Austin | Owner and Founder of J.I.V.E. Juice Company, Inc. also the Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Community Relations for Women of Color at Houston Community College.

The most important factor behind my success, is my Faith. Without faith, success in unattainable. You will not succeed if you do not have faith in your dreams, goals and yourself. Faith encompasses a multitude of success characteristics: fortitude, persistence, mental stamina, grit, sticking it out during tough times, confidence, belief, conviction, certainty, hope, certainty, courage, tenacity, fearlessness, boldness, resoluteness, guts, intestinal fortitude, determination, resolve, will, willpower and toughness. Read more>>

Tory & Teri Smith | Marriage/Relationship Counselors & Media Personalities

We believe that the most important factors around the success of our business is our faith in God as well as our joint purpose and vision. These factors have been our guiding force as we ensure that we adhere to these principles daily. Read more>>

Paul Blain | Actor

The most important factor behind my success isn’t neccessarily a “what” but more so a “who”. And not just a single “who”. Allow me to explain. I have had some success with old fashioned hard work. Just putting my head down and plowing through submissions and auditions with a vengeance. And that is definitely a neccessary foundational characteristic to possess. However, some of my most memorable successes have come in the form of someone referring me. Read more>>