We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Harris | Photographer

Anything from music,painters,life,my struggles etc etc. I’m kinda like a sponge I grab inspiration from all sorts of things. Read more>>

Jr Saucedo | Amateur Photographer & streamer

I’m inspired by the people around me and how they pursue their goals and are motivated to find success. It makes me want to have the same dedication and work ethic to pursue my goals and create a path to success. I’m still growing into my business and using my inspiration as motivation to keep working in hopes of reaching new heights and exposure that will be beneficial for the future. Read more>>

Emily Hollingsworth

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’m inspired by fabrics! A traditional method when planning your quilt is to pick your design or pattern, plan your color theory and then find the fabric you want to use to portray your vision. For me, the process is almost in reverse where I will come across this one fabric that just resonates with me and provides that jolt of a creative spark and call to action. Then the quilt seemingly creates itself and I’m whisked away on a process of discovery. My office walls are filled with my favorite artists’ gouache landscapes, neo-traditional tattoo design, and photos of cool, misty mountain lakes which also provide a great deal of inspiration and, I would say, encapsulates my point of view as an artist. Read more>>

Christon Blake | Skincare & Health

I’m definitely inspired by the community I grew up in..I grew up in what you would call a drug infested and a high crime area…I wanted to a positive image for people who grew up like me and feel like crime is the only choice they have…I want to show them it’s many things you can do to be successful besides that… Read more>>