We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Orisha Boutte’ | Certified Christian Counselor, Photographer, Published Author

The most important factor behind my success is really God and my faith in him, my gratefulness of him, and my love for him. I am a Certified Christian Counselor, Photographer, and Published Author. I structure my businesses to reflect what God will have me do or how he would have me to be at every turn. I am sure to remain humble, kind, and affordable. My ultimate goal no matter which service I am providing is for my clients/readers to be fulfilled and to leave my presence with some form of peace and happiness in hopes that they feel just a bit of the love of God through me. Read more>>

Todd Farley | Owner & Operator, TMJ Bimmers, Euro Car Care

The most important factor behind my personal success and TMJ Bimmers’ success was my decision to Specialize early on in my career. After investing 20 years in the automotive industry, from entry level machine shop work and parts delivery to driving a Snap On Tools truck, I learned over time how the automotive service industry could be improved; by laser focusing on one make of vehicle. For me that quickly became BMWs, and over time we added Mercedes, Mini Coopers and Porches. It wasn’t long ago that your average automotive repair shop was ready, willing and able to work on all makes and models of cars. But, nowadays the automotive field has evolved tremendously. From newer engines with turbo and superchargers, to newer suspensions with their pneumatic controls, to even the new complex airbag and entertainment systems and their respective peculiarities which all vary greatly by manufacturer. Read more>>

SISTER Hannah Anderson | Songwriter and Artist

I feel very strongly that I would not be doing what I am doing without the people I have supporting me. I think in working towards anything it’s crucial to have people you can rely on and help you build towards your goals. Having those people around that can push you even when it’s challenging. That for me is the most important thing. Read more>>

Kim Clark Renteria | Glass Artist specializing in site specific stained glass and functional fused glass art

The most important factor behind my business is the love of people and each person’s unique sense of taste and aesthetic. It’s basically really listening and paying close attention to what the client wants and the environment and conditions of the space where the commission will go. I have come to think about a large part of my work as glass translations…..Turning peoples imaginations into glass. I also use the highest quality of glass and materials and have very high standards for the structure of the work and make pieces that are made to last a lifetime.

Sharde Hawkins | Entrepreneur & Dancer

If I had to say the most important factor behind my success it would be staying true to myself. I’ve always had a really strong personality, and it’s not for everybody. It got me in trouble.. a lot. With the people I didn’t know, even with the people I love. But I never changed, that’s who I was. What you see is what you got. Read more>>

Jo Neiter | Founder & Creative Director

I don’t keep my business and personal life separate. Whether I’m working with the CEO of a large company or the principal interior designer at a small firm, I always find that the branding process is most successful when I have the opportunity to get to know my client on a more personal level. When you take the time to learn what someone is most passionate about and what motivates their work, the branding is far more authentic to who they are and what they value. And when it comes to branding (or anything in life, really), it’s all about authenticity. I want my clients to feel like they can be who they are, with no filter, trusting in the fact that we will polish everything into a stellar brand identity. I love it because so many of my clients end up becoming true friends through the process! Read more>>

Felicia Thomas | Dance Educator & Artist, Yoga & Mindfulness Facilitator, Podcast Host

For me I believe in patiently waiting for the invitation. Whether it is speaking, performing, a yoga class, dance workshop, choreographing for an event- I always wait for the invitation. It is counter-intuitive to our society that teaches grind, grind, grind, hustle, and do not sleep. However, it’s intuitive for me. I understand that I am not for everyone and I am not only okay with that, I am grateful for that. I put myself out there without force and those that want my services know how to reach me. It has allowed me rest and balance and to me that’s success. Read more>>

Paul Sanchez | Commercial Muralist & Fine Artist

There was a perfect storm which collectively proved to be the most important factor to the success in my business. Since the age of 4, i have been drawing. Since high school, I have been airbrushing. For over 30 years, I worked in the printing and graphics business. My business mural process encompasses high level artistry along with the printing process to create stencils for the murals I produce. Had I not been in the printing industry, the process I created would not have happened. The process i have is critical to the accuracy of the murals, and to the quality in which they are painted. Read more>>