We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Mizzrraim Sandoval | Podcaster & Reporter

It makes me happy to do what I like the most. Why? Because that’s what life is about. Have a job that makes you happy, being around people with the same vibe and a family that loves and supports you in everything. That’s part of being happy. Read more>>

Cesley Fullilove | Owner of Fullilove Pregnancy Center

Serving others makes me happy . I get a sense of joy and fulfillment when I serve others. Read more>>

Nuri Parker | Entrepreneur

What makes me happy is having the ability to live spontaneously. To have the opportunities presented and being able to fulfil those as well as any goal i make for myself ,truly makes me happy. Besides that music is my main source of happiness. Followed by laughter and good times in general, Read more>>