Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Kelly Gale Amen | Interior Designer

Knowing that my energy could help make someone else’s life better by the exchange of their energy in mine. That’s what makes me happy. The idea that I can walk into a room – people love seeing me – and then when I leave, people say “I’m so glad he was here.” Whether that’s emotional, physical, financial – I love the fact that people love having my energy in their world. Read more>>

Sara Lynn Green | Visual Artist

My favorite color is green. Ironically its my last name as well. When I tell people my favorite color is green I always explain my reasoning. Green to me symbolizes nature and having a sense of being free. Growing up I was raised by my grandparents so going outside and playing was something I did a lot. Climbing trees, making swings out of jump ropes, collecting rocks, building sandcastles. My aunt would take me to the lakes, different parks, and the beach and to me those were some great times. Playing outside was like an adventure for me, I did not have the best life growing up so my escape was the outside and being in tune with nature. I love to hear the sounds of the wind, the ocean, birds chirping, and even those weird sounds at night time. When I was old enough to drive I would always try to go to the beach when I needed to get away or just have a peace of mind. Read more>>

Shreena Punwasi | Educator & Edupreneur

Being a British science teacher in Houston, I’m used to being the odd one out. So when it comes to my classroom, I’m not afraid to be THAT teacher…the one who wears the science pun tees, the Ms. Frizzle dress and the glow in the dark galaxy shoes. One day, I wore some science earrings and my students couldn’t stop commenting on them. “You’re such a geek Mrs. Punwasi!,” they told me. They were right – I am! I love dressing up and showing off how much I love teaching and science. It makes me so happy and that I can’t help but hope that my enthusiasm off onto my students and those around me. I wanted other people to feel that same sense of pride and started a few projects during lockdown that I’ve wanted to for a long time. The first is Youreka – an online journal of my homeschooling journey with my own children. Read more>>

Quetta Stubbs | Author

Being my true unapologetic self makes me very happy. It allows me to be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and entrepreneur. Peace is very important to me…Peace keeps me on my toes to continue to be a successful woman that I am today. Read more>>