At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy, what’s the point of all the hustle?  So we asked the community: what makes you happy and why?

Jessica Cortez | Business Owner, Mama, Fitness & Faith Enthused

What makes me happy and why? There are so many things, big and little, that could go into this. I get joy out of being able to make other people smile and bring happiness into their life. The biggest things for myself that make me happy are my family, faith, passion for my career, and fitness. I am a single mom to an amazing ten year old son, but what mom doesn’t think their kid is the best?! Read more>>

Rinnie P. | Personal Stylist & Blogger

What makes me happy is helping my clients with their wardrobe dilemmas and pouring color down my followers timelines. Because I know the smallest things can brighten someone’s day, this alone makes me happy. I’m a Personal Stylist that embodies a bright and fun aesthetic in order to make my clients feel as warm and welcome as possible. Read more>>

Eepi Chaad | Artist, Advocate, Environmentalist

Let’s do this! 10. Listicles – Because everyone loves a good countdown! 9.. Train travel – Just feels nostalgic and makes you have to slow down. 8. Hammocks – There is something so calming about just hanging in space. 7. Fermented Vegetables – pickled foods lead to good health. 6. Still water – I love a good paddle on open water on a sunny day. 5. Mountains – I’m pretty afraid of heights, so no better place to work out those demons! Read more>>

John Conley | Founder of CCWoodworks, LLC

For me, happiness is derived from fulfillment. Whether that fulfillment is satisfied through my role as a father, husband, coworker, brother, son, or friend, I am most happy when I understand my purpose, and respond in a way that positively affects those I support. My wife calls it “selfish selflessness,” because I selfishly enjoy the way in which I help others. Read more>>

Stephanie Kacena | Owner of Stay Home Pet Sitting & Graphics Consulting

Gaining a dog’s trust makes me happy. Sometimes it happens after a few hours, sometimes after a day. Either way, once that fearful pet decides to trust you and brings you his toy – that’s pure joy and happiness! Oh, and warm soft cookies make me happy. I am a huge animal lover with lots of animal experience. I am crazy about my four-legged baby, Dodger! Read more>>

Veronica Ibargüengoitia | Visual Artist & Runner

My creative process is equally satisfaying as running. I can be working in my Studio for 7 hours straight without stopping. Usually I work simultaneously in 3 different ideas. I work in sketches, built up works and research projects all related with the same body of work. I think of them as stages using one to feed the other one. I need the construction part to introduce the three dimensionality to my work this stage is more active and loud. Read more>>

Ksenia Kozhenkova | Artist

It makes me happy to share my art with the world and see how people react to it. My recent series titled Infinite Possibilities is created specifically for that purpose, It makes you wonder, it challenge your imagination and therefore expands your inner world creating an emotional response to what you see. This emotional response is what makes me happy the most because after all that is why we have art. I believe that art can change the world and keep people connected especially during the times of pandemic that is happening now. Read more>>