Hardwork? Luck? Good habits?  What would you say is behind your success?  We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Margie Taylor | Public Relations Consultant, Taylorized PR

My public relations business is focused on storytelling. The public loves a good, compelling story to capture the attention of an event, an organization, or a business that is relatable. The success of Taylorized PR is the ability to be authentic, physically active in the community, and cultivating genuine relationships that last. Read more>>

Elly Brown | Owner and Creator of Uptown with Elly Brown

I think the biggest factor for me and the success I have had with my brand is staying true to myself and my convictions. I know my WHY, WHAT and HOW. And it’s always something I go back to when making important decisions. Why am I doing this, What am I doing, and how am I going to do this. Read more>>

Josefina H. | Photographer & Retoucher

I think the most important factor behind my success and success as a brand, is authenticity. I am a caring and curious individual, by nature, so it’s important to me that I learn a piece of someone’s story while we shoot; so that I may capture who they are, authentically. Most of my work – headshots to portraits – are designed to tell a story about that person. Read more>>

Jacqueline Johnson | Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand has is a hard one to answer. Some might say it’s the story of how this came to be a business when it was never supposed to be. And I have stuck to that when asked. But honestly, I have worked very hard over the last 3 years to perfect the bow tie, keeping the new styles coming, and how it fits the pet. And most of all, making sure each bow tie is sturdy and made to last longer than big shelf bow ties. Read more>>