How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Kat Reinhert | Songwriter, Vocalist, Musician, Educator, Entrepreneur

To quote Sara Blakley (Spanx): “The biggest risk in life is in not risking.” I mean, really. If you don’t take risks – and I’m not talking about death defying, dangerous to your person risks – but rather risks that could help you achieve your goals by letting go of fear, allowing the ego to disappear, to be ok with failure….then what are you living for? I’m a total risk taker. Read more>>

 Jasemine Knowles | Owner of The Hydrated Hottie & Romance Author

You aren’t going to grow unless you take risks. I’ve been living by that little statement for a few years now after reading a random article in a magazine while waiting at the dentist’s office. The headline read “Top 3 Things People Think About on Their Death Beds” and the number one thing was not accomplishing their goals out of fear or worry about what others would think about their choices. Read more>>

Markus Milano | Music Producer & Engineer

While attending Sam Houston State University, I learned risk-taking is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. But! Take smart and calculated risks. Make sure that the risk you’re taking is a realistic risk. To me, a risk is anything you do in life. There’s always a failing factor. You can’t be scared of risk-taking. What’s the point of living life without risk? Read more>>

Natalee Adams | Content Creator / Manager to my dogs

I think about risk like this.. Risk is the down payment for success. If you are presented with a good opportunity, take the risk & go for it. You should never allow waiting for something to come your way to become a habit. Read more>>

Joan and Jordan Radiant [Film & Photo] | Wedding Photography & Videography

When Jordan and I (Joan) started Radiant [Film & Photo], it certainly wasn’t because we were bored stay-at-home moms! We were best friends raising our kiddos together, growing in our marriages with our hubbies of almost ten years, and we were content! Read more>>

Jasmine Imo | Non-Profit CEO & Social Worker

I think taking risk, the “right risk” is always a way to honor what you are really passionate about. When someone has an idea or something they want to complete but the journey to actually obtaining it may be a challenge, one may call it taking a risk. Read more>>

Sarah Alhadeethi | Graphic designer, UX/UI designer

I consider myself as a risk-taking person, and I enjoy the attempts of taking the risk and the outcomes they bring. Risky experiences are always worth the try. I always remind myself of one inspiring story that I’ve been through when I first came to the U.S. I had no experience, no guidance, and no language. Read more>>

Alli Tompkins | Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photographer

I am an introvert. Taking risks and putting myself out there is not something that comes easily to me. However being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and putting yourself and your brand out into the world. It’s how you find new clients, create new offerings and serve your people well. Read more>>

Shelby Jackson | Airbnb Host/Mentor & Property Manager

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.”” Denis Waitley. This quote is a good reminder of how we should be consistently taking risks in life.. Read more>>

Nayeli Garcia | Teen small business owner

As my small business grew, taking risk was something i’ve had to put myself to do. One of the ways taking risk has played a role in my life is by investing in my business. Read more>>

Nyla Graham | Makeup Artist & MBA Candidate

Risk has contributed exponentially to the success of my business. There is always risk in starting any business, but imagine taking your established business to a new city and building a clientele from scratch. I always have been told “scared money don’t make money” and that stuck with me. Read more>>

Jeanette Maurer | Executive Director of Joe Joe Bear Foundation

When I decided to start Joe Joe Bear Foundation it was a very brief quick decision I made with a 20 second conversation with my daughter. This was 3 days after our Joe passed away and we were having a conversation in the kitchen. Read more>>