Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Daniel Garay | Podcaster & entrepreneur

Why did I pursue a creative career? Well the easy answer would be that I have worked in a labor intensive career from the age of 16 to now (28) and to be honest I had become bored with it. I felt like I had reached my peak in this career and wanted something new and exciting. Read more>>

Alexandra Hernandez | Artist & Graphic Designer

Before pursuing an artistic career, I used to want to be a chef. Despite absolutely loving art and taking it in school every single year, I viewed it only as a hobby. Becoming a chef was my ultimate goal. Read more>>

Luisa Esperanza | Photographer

I pursued an artistic/ creative career to capture memories that would last a life time. My father since I was a baby captured pictures of me growing up. There was so many pictures that I do not recall but I see the photographs and I smile. As we get older, we seem to forget moments and a picture brings it all back or helps you remember the growth. Read more>>

Jay O’Neil | MPH Comedy Publicist, Show Host, Producer and CEO

I am in this business for one reason: to make people happy! I have a deep respect for those in our world who are here to heal us, fill us with joy and bring us closer to peace and not further away. I have been in a public-facing IT job for my whole adult life. Read more>>

Armani Mbaye | Event Stylist

I’ve always considered myself a creative person! Even as a little girl, I loved designing outfits for my dolls and redecorating my room. I’ve always had a creative knack- it’s something that comes naturally! Tiny Teepee is a great way for me to share my love for creativity with others! Read more>>