How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Sonia Davis | The Jewelry Instructor, Inc.

I truly believe that taking risks will do either one of two things, propel you to the next level, or teach you valuable lessons. I took a risk when I quit my job at the Postal Service to further pursue my career as a Real Estate agent. In doing so I was given the opportunity to work as little or as much as I needed to in order to create a lifestyle that allowed me the freedom to choose where to go from there. Real Estate has its perks, and it has it’s challenges. I needed a balance, so as an outlet, I would take a “Time Out” to create. I made jewelry in my spare time, and even sold some pieces. Therefore, I took another risk & started a Creative business that allowed me to showcase my long life passion of Jewelry making by teaching others to make jewelry as well. Read more>>

Crash Bandiicoot | Independent Houston Producer & Musician

I think that most risk are to be looked at as opportunity. As we mature, our ability to assess risk and consequence usually mature with us. I’ve always heard high risk, high reward. To me, if you can assess the probability of a high payout, the risk is worth the gamble. Taking risk is also what keeps you from falling into a pattern of complacency. If you’re always taking on a new opportunity, it allows you to grow and learn, either through success or failure. From early on I was always the one to choose fight over flight. That’s how I got started dancing, and how I ended up in music. Even there, taking risk is a big thing for me. Sometimes I record one take over something I’ve never heard 40 times in a night, while other times I spend months working on the lyrics and vocals for one song. All while making Dance music in between. Staying in my comfort zone would have also kept me from starting, and finishing my first novel. Read more>>

Justin Douglas | Audio Engineer and Producer

Risk taking is tricky: it’s absolutely essential to progress, but you have to know all the rules and how they work before you can break them in a way that’s predictable and desirable. This is as true with songwriting and record production as it is playing the stock market or learning a new skateboarding trick. Read more>>

Kamilah Kirksey | Event Planner

It’s taken me a long time to accept that almost everything comes with a risk. Especially in starting my own business. There’s always the chance of failing but if were to allow that to hinder me from starting something I’m truly passionate about I’d never find out if I also had a chance at being successful. Read more>>