How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Carolina Aguilar | Charcuterie Board Specialist

This all has been a big life career change, never in my wildest dreams did I think making charcuterie boards would lead me to where I am today. I was unfortunately laid off my corporate job as an Estimator in the oil and gas business back in March 2020 due to the Global Pandemic, I of course panicked and started thinking of updating my resume to send out as soon as possible. My husband sat me down and talked about possibly taking my charcuterie business to the next level. At the time, the thought had not crossed my mind. I initially started my charcuterie page as a hobby, people started asking if I was selling the boards and it all just went from there. I risked it all and focused on furthering my passion for my boards and making this my life long career. I’m truly excited with how great this venture is going. The support from my local community has been outstanding. I look forward to what the future holds with my small business. Read more>>

Quintin Ficklin Jr. | Healthcare Executive & Founder, Q.S.F. Success Foundation

I feel risk as a healthy piece of the process. As the saying goes high risk high reward. Taking risk has played a huge role in my life/career. At the age of 17 fresh out of high school I took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville, TN from Little Rock, AR to go to college. I knew at 17 that move wasn’t just about going off to college it was about broaden my horizon, exposing myself to new ideas/challenges, and meeting new people who were not like me. I always say if you are not taking risk you are not really trying. I will bet on myself and take a risk because I know I will never sleep well at night or look myself in the mirror and think about the possibilities of what could have been. That’s no way I ever intend to live my life. Read more>>

Jyasi Galloway | Photographer & Creative

I believe everything is a risk, I rarely ever like to use the term “sacrifice” simply because whatever you step out to take a chance on is an investment with hopes of supplementing your life & the people you choose to partake in that journey. Personally, my craft was literally all risk at the time I wasn’t in a situation where it seemed feasible to adopt the skill. I had no background in photography, It honestly never crossed my mind to take it as serious as I do now it was literally an impulsive decision that not only changed my life for the better but also helped me find direction towards my purpose. Shit is scary, but that’s the thrill because when it’s said & done you’ll appreciate it. Read more>>

Taijah Miles | Ceo of TheSanayDiorExperience

I personally believe taking risk can lead to success, when I first started my business I was afraid until I finally took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone. It made me grow as a person and it helped me get out of my shell. Read more>>

Ivan Ruiz | Clothier / Designer

My perception of risk has gone through a lot of interesting changes since I was a kid, the biggest influence being my parents. They took many risks to get to where they are today, but always retained faith that things would work out in the end no matter the outcome. A version of that mindset found its way to me, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to accomplish much more than I thought I was capable of, with every instance of this having a considerable risk that I needed to be aware of and account for. It’s a necessary part of the human experience which has led to a lot of my greatest moments, however taking a risk doesn’t always work out; so of course it’s led to my worst moments as well. There was a lesson to learn with each experience, which eventually started to manifest into my own personal growth. If I’m being completely honest taking risks made me bold in a way that I needed to be, it showed me my flaws, and turned my weaknesses into strengths. Read more>>