We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Destinee Hawkins | Book & Business Coach

When I started my business I had a desire to motivate, encourage and push entrepreneurs to new levels! My desire was to remove the conversation of businesses failing in the first couple of years by teaching smaller brands how to scale and leverage their businesses by taking the knowledge that they obtained in their journey and packaging it in a way that they are able to make multiple streams of income doing what they love! I have found that normalizing yourself to your target market allows you to connect on a whole different level! This allows me to bring people in that want to start their business but not sure in what capacity they want to serve! Read more>>

Simone Alexandria | Lifestyle Blogger – Influencer

I had been wanting to start a Blog for a long time but was too worried about people not being interested and caring too much about other people’s opinions. But after experiencing life and having my daughters, my perspective shifted. How can I teach my daughters to be themselves confidently and to not let others opinions stop them from achieving their goals and dreams if I am not being first partaker. Their lives changed mines and they are the reason I took the leap to start my Blog “GOD’s very own Butter” that is set to be launched May 14, 2021. My thought process behind starting my Blog/Brand is to show my life candidly as a Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend. The good, the bad, and the not so pretty. I feel like we live in a society where everything is glamorized and a-lot of times people aren’t honest about who and where they are or even what they are really dealing it. Read more>>

LaCresha Walker | Fashion Designer

The thought process behind Eminent Apparel was to create an Activewear/Athleisure Brand that provides great quality apparel that fits the needs of individuals who want to look good while working out but are also fashionable to wear during leisure activities. Our customers have the flexibility of wearing our apparel from the gym to brunch. Read more>>

Maya & Gianni Jackson | Baking Enthusiast

We wanted to create something that gives people hope and love during the pandemic. We had the idea years ago and this was the perfect time for us to share our products with the world. Our products are perfect for parties, business gathers, holidays, gifts, etc. and having everyone be more comfortable with sharing something sweet goes a long way. We wanted to leave a business for our children who one day will become motivated to start their own. Read more>>

Carrie Crossley | Creative Crafter

I’ve always been very crafty (a talent I got from my mother) but never thought about doing it for a full time business. 2020 was a year full of heartache with everything our country had gone through… but the issues with racial inequality hit home the most. I felt like I needed to do more than sign petitions, repost/ share posts, talk about it, cry about it. So I began making equality shirts and donating the proceeds to NAACP racial justice and education fund. This was how I could use my voice. This was how I could show my boys how we can make change. I was the busiest I had ever been making shirt after shirt. The outpour of support was beyond anything I’d imagined. After that, people kept asking for more and more- and here we are a year later IN A FULL FLEDGED FULL TIME BUSINESS!! Read more>>

Patty Valle | Hairstylist & Hairstylist Mentor

I’ve been a hairdresser for 18+ years. I’ve learned a lot from all the salons I worked at. It was the right time for me to grow and start doing my own thing! Read more>>

Zayda Cortez | Owner

I grew up juggling multiple jobs. However, I never considered the idea of having my own business until I was in my mid 20’s. I guess you can say the entrepreneur craze began a few years ago, which I am thankful for! It taught me how attainable running my own company could be. I tried different avenues like blogging and a boutique to start. Each time I learned something new. After trial and error, I landed on creating my Houston photo booth and flower wall business, HTX Photo Booth! I fell in love with the idea of providing my city with premium photo experiences that I could set up all over town! I poured my heart into it. My experience with corporate marketing and blogging set the foundation for how the company would be ran. We now are the top rated company in Google and have a team of 12! Read more>>

Brittany Bates | Therapist and Creator of Bold Peace

Most of us know people – family, friends, co-workers, even ourselves – who have difficulty handling the weight of their experiences but refuse to seek help. Mental health and wellness carries such a stigma that keeps many of us from getting what we need! My educational and professional background as well as my personal experience led me to love this space, and I want everyone to experience the peace that I’ve done the work to embrace. Let’s be honest though – most people who do not embrace this space find it to be gimmicky or inauthentic. My thought process is creating Bold Peace is to make this space authentic and comfortable for those who neglect their needs the most. Read more>>

Teahne Tapscott | Aspiring DJ & Content Creator

Honestly, the thought process was easy it was more of a “just do it” type of thing I didn’t really think of it as a business at first and still kind of don’t. Music was always something I connected with and being a DJ was always a side dream of mine at first it was a form of therapy finally just going through with it, I’m on a journey to be comfortable and be okay with myself so working a 9-5 or two jobs at that wasn’t it anymore, it was a now or never type thing for me. To have something that’s mine and it can be a form of healing for myself and others is more than is enough for me. Read more>>

Brittany Williams | Creative Writer, Editor & Strategist

I wanted to create a business that not only afforded me the freedom to work how I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted, but also contribute to a space that so few of us exist in. Having received two English degrees, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise that didn’t involve teaching, so when I discovered copywriting and realized how few of us existed in in this space at the professional level, I wanted to show that yes, there were people who look like me who are more than capable of doing the work and I wanted to do so in a way that was intimate, personal and high-quality. Read more>>

David Lerner | Musician, Educator & App Developer

Imagine learning how to write by copying prescribed sentences without ever having the opportunity to write anything original. This is what happens all too often with music education. During my six-year elementary music teaching career I discovered that giving students the freedom to creatively explore composition on their own led to more curious, engaged and knowledgeable learners. I searched for tools to amplify these teaching principles, but was unable to find immersive and self-driven pedagogical materials. That’s how Learner’s Education was born. Read more>>

Lavelle Lemonier | Host of the DadCast Podcast

I have always loved being a story teller and starting a podcast was the perfect way to tell stories and interact with a wide audience. Being a business owner has been in my blood line. My father was a business owner way back in the 70’s and I guess the bug has been in my blood forever. Read more>>