In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Adesijibomi Owoseni | Content Creator/ Influencer/ Stylist

I am a big risk taker, I am never scared till I’ve done it, even when I have done it, I probably won’t be scared. Over the years, taking risk has helped me seen things in a different way, learn new things and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. Risk taking has played a major role in my life. Read more>>

Kimberly Garza | Nail Artist

My nail career was based on taking the biggest risk of my life. I made the decision to quit my 9-5 to become a full time business owner, and to be able to make my own schedule so that I can be there more for my daughters. I do not regret it because now I have my loyal clientele, and get to attend every, and any event my kids have. Read more>>

Kayla Jenae | MUA & Hairstylist

While many people shy away from taking risks, I look at it as a gateway to success. I am a firm believer in “you can’t score if you don’t shoot”. As humans, we often look at our long-term goals and aspirations as a fantasy, rather than a future. The truth is, your life is what you make it. You never know until you try! I wouldn’t be the ambitious young woman I am today if it weren’t for taking risks. When I was 18, I graduated high school early and turned down a free ride to college. I was obsessed with the idea of working in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and I knew I didn’t want to take the traditional college route. Read more>>

RICEYFLUSH | Photographer

No risk, no reward, this is the motto that I’ve lived by my whole life. Throughout my photography career I’ve taken tons of risks. Some of the risks progressed me from moving forward, and some yielded beautiful results. One of my biggest risks Ive ever taken was shooting full time for 6 months to see what it was like. The bad, I missed out on the benefits I had, the retirement, all those things that come with having a job. The good, I was able to enjoy life a bit more. I made my own schedule, I was able to do what I wanted to do, the whole while doing something I loved. Had I not taken that risk, I would have never experienced what it would be like to take on photography full time. I think it’s important for people to take risks in life. There is nothing wrong with investing and betting on yourself. Read more>>

Kentesha Ward & John Mayes | Owners of Good Vibes Hookah Lounge

The rich take risks. I want to be comfortable with my bank account in the future and that’s why I believe in taking risks. If you have a problem taking risks as a business owner, you should just quit now. Business equates to a large amount of taking chances and that includes taking a gamble with yourself. The biggest risk I took in life was when I got fired in 2017 and I told myself I would never work another job again. To this day, I haven’t clocked in to a corporate setting in 4 years. Read more>>

Jillian Wells | Owner & Baker at Bella Bakery

Risk has played such a HUGE part in my career both before and after Bella Bakery was born — I was actually in Risk Management for a major oil and gas company in my “former life” before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Risk is something I had always thought of as something to be calculated, discussed, assessed and avoided. But I’m finding — when it comes to making my way in the small business world — success is what’s often found when you make that scary jump you might have been risk assessing for so long. Read more>>

Elena Loviea | Artist

Risk may seem dangerous in a sense, but may be the most stable opportunity in your life. You never know what could happen if you didn’t take that step forward. That is why making mistakes and failing many times is what made my career to what it is today. Never put a time limit to your success and embrace your failures. When you make the choice to take a risk, that only means your passion is a priority. You are on the right track ! Remember that taking a risk helped me see the bigger picture of what I can do. Don’t be scared of taking a risk, be proud you have guts to do what others cannot. Read more>>

Collin Holderread | Rapper & Songwriter

Taking risks is a necessary part of growth in life and overall has been a key factor to helping me develop as fast as I have in my career. Silencing my inner critique and learning to be comfortable while being uncomfortable has also played a huge role in my musical journey. It is true when they say “no risk no reward.” There is always a possibility of failure, just like with any risk worth taking, but the possibility of doing what nobody thinks you can and achieving success is what keeps me going. Read more>>

Jking The Hybrid | Musician & Entrepreneur

Risk taking is inevitable when starting any business. To me it’s about taking the chance on something you’re passionate about which outweighs the risk in most situations. Being an independent musician and entrepreneur you are faced with these challenges often. In my personal experiences i have taken some losses, which in turn leads to lessons and a better understanding of your next steps to achieve your goals. Read more>>