In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Jennie and Davis White | Furniture Builders & Hurricane Hunters

Risk plays a huge role in our lives and in our careers. It’s a valuable asset that we’ve been able to use to our advantage. After both serving 5 years in the Air Force, we landed our dream jobs: flying through hurricanes for research with the Hurricane Hunters, so we packed up and moved to Houston! During the hurricane off-season, we started our new furniture business, Samara Table Company LLC. We build and sell furniture when we’re not flying through the world’s most dangerous storms! Read more>>

Terrelle Bynum | Personal Injury Trial Attorney

I assess risk with a two-tier appraoch: (1) Does the potential gain outweigh the loss if things don’t happen as planned, and (2) am I willing to deal with the consequences if I should fail. If the answer to these two questions are yes, then I’m all in. If not, then I look to see how I can change my circumstances to put myself in a more advantageous position to take risks. This approach has guided my career decisions, allowing me to have a diverse career with an array of experiences in different areas which have culminated over the years to make me a more dynamic attorney and person. Read more>>

Shynikia Means | Author and Public Speaker who passionately speaks about mental health and sexual abuse issues

It was a quote by James Baldwin that resonated with me, and it stated ” Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Fear in this life is a constant variable that can halt one from changing an outcome, it is sometimes paralyzing when you see how much you have to lose especially, when you have a family. But as a single mom, I have had to take risk to improve our situation from negative to positive and I understood that if I didn’t move correctly, I could put unwanted stress on my family. Yet, it has been worth it as I continue on my journey to build and define my brand. Read more>>

Jzon Azari | Publicist & Journalist

Risk taking is something I’ve been doing daily for the last six years. After quitting my 9 to 5 back in 2016 I’ve been pulling miracles by believing in my talents and letting my work speak for itself. Being an entrepreneur in any field these days (especially during the pandemic) is a challenge, however I greet it square in its face each and every time and let it be known that with hard work ethic and consistency there is nothing that’s out of my reach. Read more>>

Veronica RONI Cabrera-Moreno | Artist/Art Advocate and Community Leader

My whole career has been one risk after another. Some risks smaller than others. When I was younger taking risks was easier but after having my boys taking risks would not only affect me but them as well. There are opportunities that arise and things I need to jump on and when I’m not too sure I bring it up at dinner and ask the boys and my husband what they think and apparently my household is pretty good at taking risks! Read more>>

Dria Thornton | Music Artist and Songwriter

When it comes to me being a music artist and running my own music brand, I used to be super fearful! I had about 3 different fears I battled with, so 4 years ago I decided to conquer the main fear, which was my fear of the ocean. I just off a jet ski miles out in the middle of the ocean. That symbolized so much for me. It mainly showed me that the ocean represented the unknown for me and that fear of the unknown translated into other areas of my life including music. Read more>>

Xekharri Rudd | Event Planner

Risk taking Is such an important part of entrepreneur ship. Why , because with out risk you have no gain by playing it safe. Also taking risk will teach you great lessons throughout your journey . About 4 years ago I took a leap of faith by quitting my job unplanned with out any background of knowing if my career would take off or not . I considered this a huge risk yet I still did it . Read more>>

Molly G | Actress & YouTuber

I believe taking risks is apart of life. It’s something we do on a daily without even noticing. Going after what you want is all about taking risks. Whether you fail or not, you took that risk to go after or chase a dream.. nothing in this world is handed to you therefore you have to go after whatever it is you want in life. I’m a firm believer in taking risks, & seeing the outcome of it all. Read more>>