We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Nancy Parsons | President

Outsiders are often unaware of how CDR Assessments are so different from the popular inventories such as MBTI, DiSC or even Strength Finders. These are styles or strength identifiers which tend to be shallow or provide generalized groupings rather than the individualized, deep and robust results each person receives with their CDR Assessment results. We measure personality character traits to a detailed level (7 scales, 42 subscales), inherent risks for derailment (11 scales) and one’s drivers and reward, or motivational, needs (10 facets, 50 sub facets). Further, most have yet to learn about our newly-released, CDR-U Coach, the AI virtual avatar coach that offers personalized debriefs of one CDR Assessment results available 24/7. CDR-U Coach provides a keen sense of self-awareness that all employees need, particularly those earlier in their careers. Read more>>

Brandon Hoge | Owner

The foundation repair industry is an unregulated one, meaning every company in the business is free to set their own standards and procedures regarding evaluations and plan creation, repair methods, warranties, employees, subcontractors, operations and even insurance coverage to protect their customers. While this is a very good thing for companies seeking to operate above board and highly effectively to achieve success in their industry, it leaves room for companies simply looking to make a buck providing less than a great product and service with less protection for unknowing customers. Suffice it to say, that makes it incumbent upon the consumer to educate themselves on what kind of company to look for and do business with in the industry. Read more>>

Bob Card | Furniture Maker & Sculptor

I’m often asked how long it took to create a particular piece. The truth is, I don’t think most makers or artists can completely answer that question. Most of us don’t track our hours in the way someone in a corporate or production environment might and so we can’t really say exactly how long. We may have several projects in the works at any given time; and sometimes work on a given project may need to be paused for some time for various reasons. And since this is a creative endeavor, more than a “bottom line business” the mindset is more on the creative process than on time and efficiency. With that said, when I’m working with clients on commissioned furniture, the lead time between when they sign off on a design and the time the project is delivered is typically measured in months. Read more>>

Greg Scheinman

People tend to think of insurance as a commodity. it’s not. For entrepreneurs and business owners, next to their family their businesses are the most valuable things they have in their lives. choosing the right agent to represent you can make the difference between insuring your success and losing your business in the event of a significant loss. Insurance is a professional service, not a commodity and should be treated as such. The same you choose a doctor, lawyer, accountant. Top agents and brokers who have transcended The commodity of our industry provide tremendous value to clients, security, peace of mind, proper risk management and financial responsibility. Read more>>

Dr. Farzam Afshar NMD | Naturopathic Medical Doctor

The one thing about Naturopathic Medicine that people are unaware of is the extensive evidence behind natural therapeutics. I am often asked what is Naturopathic Medicine? I respond, it is one of three branches of medicine with the others being Allopathic Medicine (MD) and Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Naturopathic Medicine is based on six principles: 1-First Do No Harm 2-Healing Power of Nature 3-Treat The Person 4-Treat The Root Cause 5-Teacher As Doctor 6-Prevention. Naturopathic Medical Doctors are trained at 4 year federally accredited medical schools studying everything their Allopathic and Osteopathic colleagues learn, while also having an evidence based alternative and complementary component on top of their curriculum, which makes for an intensive 4 year medical school journey. Read more>>