We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Asia Renée | Fine Artist

Commissions are hard! I was just explaining this to someone the other day. People generally approach you with an idea for a commission and in their mind, it’s this moving dynamic entity, filled with radical elements that wouldn’t necessarily make sense in a 2D form. Read more>>

Heylen Chicas | Photographer

One thing that outsiders may not know about photography is how much work actually goes into it. There is so much that happens behind the scenes that people may not take into consideration. Getting ready and preparing for the shoot, photographing, editing, and delivering the images — there are many steps to ensuring a successful photoshoot. Read more>>

Luis Cazares | Artist

Just how much work goes into the art process. Long nights and creative blocks. It probably isn’t any different from anybody else’s hobbies. You know, once you find that thing you love it becomes easy to get into that flow that keeps you up at night working on your passion. Read more>>

Taylor Henderson | Owner & Lead Creative Director

The one thing about the fashion industry that not a lot of people realize, is that waste is a huge problem. Fabric waste, scrap fabric, and synthetic fibers (man made fabrics such as nylon, rayon, polyester, etc) are extremely hard on the earth, as they can not deteriorate and decompose. Read more>>

Lynne Kelly | Author of Children’s Books

That the publishing process is a slow one! In addition to the writing and revising we do on our own, the editor who takes on the manuscript for publication will want more revisions, and there are rounds of edits to do later. And of course the publisher has many other books they’re working on at the same time. Read more>>