We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Katelyn Blankenburg, MT-BC, NMT | Clinical Director and Owner of Texas Music Therapy Services, LLC

If you haven’t heard about music therapy, then you probably think it is listening to music, or karaoke, music lessons or something similar. In reality, it is much much more! Music therapy is using music to reach goals. These goals can include many different things. Music therapists are board certified clinicians that have a minimum of a bachelors degree in music therapy along with a board certification, with continuing education just like other therapies (occupational, speech, etc). Music therapists work with ALL populations! From birth to death and everything in between. Music therapists address goals in the cognition domain, motor domain, social/emotional domain, communication domain, and more! Read more>>

Pamela Lott | Travel. Sports & Fitness Blogger w/ aLOTTaperspective.com

Honestly? How much hard work it takes behind the scenes! What people see on the blog or Instagram are the results of the hard work but if you follow my IG stories, then I keep things pretty authentic and real about how a trip is going or how I got up at the crack of dawn to capture that “epic” shot that everyone is after. Additionally, before I work with a sponsoring travel or fitness company, there is A LOT of work that goes into the negotiations and planning of each deal. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for every opportunity; however, it takes a lot of work with a dash of luck to get to the “glitz and glam” that everyone sees. Read more>>

Silvia Moreira | Content Creator / Blogger

I think that there is a lot of people who don’t really know how much work and time it goes into creating good content. I say good because I think anyone can create content and it won’t take too much effort. But to create good high quality content it takes a lot of planning, time, and work. Basically for a 10 minute video depending on the topic it can take days or even a full week to produce. Some may think that it is an easy job or easy to create videos and just post them. But to create meaningful videos, grow your platform, and reach a lot of people it’s really not easy. At times it can get to you and then you get burnt out because you are working so hard for little return in the short term. Read more>>

Jennifer Harding Hill | Writer, Teacher & Baker

The most important thing about the baking industry that outsiders should know is when they purchase services from “the cheap cake lady” they are harming not only their baker but the entire industry. Countless clients come to me saying they used to have a really cheap cake lady they loved but they can’t find her anymore. They can’t find her because she is out of business. And if she isn’t out of business yet she will be. Small bakeries can’t compete with box store bakeries and they shouldn’t. Need a cheap cake? Gp tp the grocery. If you are supporting a cheap cake baker chances are good you aren’t giving her time or her skills the value they deserve. Read more>>

Annel Castillo | Licensed Nail Tech

This is an amazing career to be in. However most people think it is easy but it is not. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and dedication not to mention you must have the passion for it. Many people think just because you own your own business you’re pocketing every single cent that comes in. Little do they know that you do not keep every penny. In order to make money you must invest in Your business. Many people fail to realize what goes into investing in order to see profit and that’s where many get confused when stepping into this industry. I’m constantly buying new things and keeping an eye out for what’s trending. I have to be ready for when a client walks in and asked me for a special design, I can’t tell them “oh I don’t have it!”. The most important rule is always stay ready, always stay stocked up, always invest! Read more>>