Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary.  Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Wendy Hutchinson | Intuitive Life & Ascension Coach, Marconic Energy Practitioner, Writer and Public Speaker

Having the courage to align with myself 100% and honor that alignment in all aspects of my life defines success for me. Great courage is required to break away from social norms and expectations, to lock in and find your own lane. I discovered great strength and power within me as I released things that no longer served me. This required a complete evaluation of all aspects of my life and a hard look at what was serving me and what wasn’t. Success is becoming the highest and best version of yourself and in turn extending a hand to help others find their way back home. Read more>>

Luisa Duarte | Artist

For me, success is a flow of energy, an impulse to keep on working and creating. I don’t see success as a static place or level of achievement. It is fluid, a continuous process within my creative self in balance with my physical persona. Success is the process of creating, the opportunity to do so, the endless opportunity to learn, to seek and find solutions to the creative urge that manifest themselves in tiny works on paper, or in a large public space. Success is realizing that through observation, patience, and consistency I can achieve a balance between my inter-self and my environment through my creative output. Read more>>

Margaret Drake | Sculptor of bronze

I was once told by workshop instructor that you never really arrive”. I have two different thoughts on that philosophy. On the one hand, thinking that I’ll never really arrive causes me to work twice as hard to be accepted by the “art community”. Whatever that means. On the other hand I believe that the concept of success exists in ones own head. In 2009 when I first embark on this journey of art and sculpture, I told myself that I will have arrived if I sold one piece. well, since that time, I have sold many pieces. Read more>>

Melanie Schlossberg | Metalsmith/Artist/Designer

Blake and I are pretty happy right now. We have a great personal relationship built on trust and respect, a funky little home, and a small studio with tools collected or built over the years. We have pets to cuddle, family to love, and friends who make us feel whole. The business we own together, Dirigible Designs, fills us with pride and satisfaction. Though our sales are not where we would eventually like them to be, pandemic aside, we continue to evolve and grow at a steady pace. Read more>>

Electra Solis | Owner of Glamour House Studios

Success started with me overcoming my fear and forgiving my failures in life. Success can come in different forms and areas of your life. Only you can welcome “Success” into your space and energy. Success can be overcoming an element of emotions, Success can be achieving an educational achievement, Success can also be financial balance and freedom. I always refer back to Drake’s Song Successful, this song definitely has an inspiration towards success. Read more>>