Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Natalie Ramchandani | Cake Artist

Starting a cottage bakery can be a deeply rewarding experience that allows you to pursue your passion for baking while enjoying the flexibility of working from home. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the thought process behind starting a cottage bakery often centers around the desire to balance personal and professional responsibilities, be their own boss, and express their creativity in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment. Read more>>

Amber Cook – Salazar | Business Owner : Professional Cleaning Services

My thought process was really just about who did I want to become. I wanted to be someone I could be proud of, I wanted to do something for myself & my family & my future children. Read more>>

Amalia Ohe | Creator of The Bad Moms Fun Page, Founder of Commission Like a Boss

I felt that traditional networking groups have outdated practices and I wanted to change the way we network for modern moms, and accommodate for all types of moms provide a place for them to network without limitations. The book Who, Not, How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The Author talks about how we hurt our self by trying to do it all by our selves. Read more>>

Bukky Olayinka | Beauty Business Owner

While mapping out my business plan the first thought that came to mind was catering to people like me. Growing up I was surrounded by lots of women so I got to see the different personalities a woman possesses but one thing majority of them had in common was finding ways to feel more confident about their appearance. Read more>>

Dominique Donquel | Business Woman & CEO of Lipstick And Smoke

The thought process behind starting my business was something I’ve always dreamed about. However, starting Lipstick And Smoke was definitely a surprise! Lipstick And smoke was born when my girlfriends and I began our cigar smoking journey. We would meet for girls night out at a popular cigar lounge in Tampa, Florida. Read more>>

Echoe Simms | Wine brand owner and Realtor

Previous years I had great idea but hesitated. I hesitated because I over thought it. I wanted to plan each piece perfect or doubt myself because someone had something similar going. So with the Wine, the dots lined up and I didn’t want to miss out. Read more>>

Tamra Patterson | Chef and Restauranteur

Honestly all I’ve ever known was entrepreneurship , I started as a hairstylist straight out of high school , working for myself has always been a thing for me . After 13 years in the beauty industry I reinvented myself and by following the leading of the still small voice and began cooking . From there i knew I was just where I needed to be ! Read more>>