We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Dylan King | Spiritual Alignment & Success Coach

The concept of Hustle Culture. At my former job, I used to have a sign posted that said, “Good things come to those who hustle.” & I was committed to that thought process! I worked fast; I worked hard. I put in long hours because I knew “eventually” I’d reap the rewards. But what actually happened is that I created a space for myself without boundaries, where I was constantly trying to prove what I deserved to everyone- mostly myself. When I run my own business, I choose not to engage with hustle culture. For me, that means honoring my energy, spending time with my daughters, and embracing my inherit worthiness. In a direct 180 from other positions I’ve held, and mistakes I made at the beginning of my business, when I respect my own energy, and value myself more than hustle culture allows room for- then I flourish. Read more>>

Ebony Noir | Makeup Artist & Therapist

Be sure to have business cards and a website before you start the business. I have found time and time again this advice isn’t helpful and always given. Often times people feel overwhelmed when considering starting a business and to add these elements only creates roadblocks. Also, passing out business cards should not be done unless someone asks. Think about how many business cards you have thrown away. Read more>>

Reyne Hirsch | Publicist/Brand Specialist

“Build it and they will come”. Read more>>