We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Keesha Allen | Founder & Principal Interior Designer

Being an interior designer is not all about shopping. A professional interior designer is skilled at curating beautiful, functional and healthy homes so their clients can live their best lives not only inside their sanctuaries, but also, outside of those harmonious spaces. Interior designers are problem-solvers daily. Our tasks include, but not limited to, scheduling and managing various contractors, brainstorming solutions to design challenges placed by the architecture of the home, dealing with trade vendors and placing orders in a timely manner, space planning furniture arrangement so the occupants of the home can live and enjoy their furniture comfortably, addressing the necessary layers of the room such as wall treatments, ceiling treatments, flooring, and problem windows, conducting site visits to make sure plans are carried out according to written specifications, and taking well-pampered care of our clients. Read more>>

Norma Rodriguez | Owner

I believe that the catering industry is comprised of businesses that not only provide food, beverages and other services to a variety of clients, but a full experience for special occasions. I feel that our industry offers people the chance to explore a tremendous variety of flavors, culture, art, history, and the meaning behind the culinary art. Read more>>

Holly Dool | Founder & President

People think we just get to play with cute puppies all day. People in rescue work long, hard hours. Each animal that comes into the rescue requires a foster (if we can find one), vetting and marketing once the animal is adoptable. Many of them need groomed. Many of our animals are sick or injured and require thousands of dollars in vet care. We get lists of ‘euthanasia listed’ animals daily from many shelters and we have to pick and choose what we have room and finances to save. Read more>>

Pam House | Owner

You deal with people who have personalities that can be stressful when planning and having a wedding. Read more>>