Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Alexx Artificial | Musician and Producer

Work life balance is a difficult problem to solve these days. I keep an extremely tight schedule but probably like a lot of your readers, I can thrive in that environment and have found that trying to keep balance even when failing is still a satisfying and valuable part of my personality. I enjoy trying to find time for the things that I love and the passions that keep my soul alive. That being said, as a father, husband, musician, and working in the medical field during a pandemic, my work life balance is an easy thing to lose control of. I could say that I had more time to dedicate to my music when I was younger, but even then I had to fight hard to get it. Like many people, I struggled with some pretty extreme poverty and a lack of means during young adulthood. I didn’t really see it at the time but I had to improvise much of what I was able to get done and do without a lot of the rest. I needed to figure out how to meet my basic needs so that I could focus on music and I spent my late twenties figuring that out. Read more>>

Nakia Cooper | Digital Media Manager, Journalist & Business Owner

I used to believe that all work and no play — was THE WAY TO BE. I threw everything into my career, no holds barred, because my philosophy was that you sacrifice now and reap the rewards later. Now, while that is great in most aspects, I learned that if you make no time for a “true” social life, you can look up one day having all the professional accolades one could desire, but have missed out on valuable time with loved ones. I can honestly say that being a working mom, my two children came first, and I often “dragged” them around town with me while I either attended or helped to host events. They would even be with me in the newsroom if I had to work an unexpected shift. To me, that was quality time. To them, that was BORING. They would have much rather been home with me watching goofy movies or talking my ear off about kid things. I sometimes wish that I would have skipped a couple of galas and did less OVERTIME at work, because I can’t have those precious moments back with my kids, and I can barely remember the details of some of the stories I worked overtime to create. Read more>>

Gregory Fulks | Videographer/Photographer & Producer/Editor

My work life balance has definitely changed over the years and as it should. –  When I first started in my career in videography & Photography I was taking any job I could get… Therefore it was tough to commit to plans with friends because at any moment a paying job could arise and I felt as if I needed to take it. . – Now days i’m able to set aside days on my calendar and plan for things that I want to do with friends and family.  I’m also able to say no to a lot more roles that don’t aline with my goals. – Doing so I’ve set a standard for my work to where I can put in the quality time needed while not spreading myself to then. – There are weeks when I’m extra busy working 10-15 hour days but those usually only last for 2-5 days and then afterwards I can celebrate with some time off. – One of the big pros or benefits with my job is that I’m able to choose the people I work with so usually I hire one of my good friends to help me on shoots. Not only am I creating a better final product but I’m also spending time with people that make working more exciting and fun. Read more>>

Marc Garza | Photographer & Videographer

The term “work-life balance” has taken on a new meaning ever since the inception of my company, Marc Garza Media. The lines between work and life are very blurred when your passion makes up the foundation of your career. I truly enjoy the dynamic nature of photography and videography as well as the technical aspects. Even projects I do for fun can end up as portfolio pieces. My photography is an integral part of my life and I’m excited to see what’s next. Read more>>