We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Clint Rater | Founder & Principle Songwriter

Any day that I’m not working my day job at the vet clinic, I get up early, feed my kitties, brew coffee, and work on music. Whether that’s writing, recording, listening, promo, etc., making strides to create is my favorite habit. I spent many years playing in bands and, while that was the most fun I’ve ever had, I never felt like I could make much headway musically by myself. Now I can spend as much or as little time as I want creating new things and THAT is probably my best habit for success. Read more>>

Kristin Gaston | Illustrator

I remembered watching one of Bobby Chiu’s advice videos for artists a few years ago and the advice that stuck with me was to prepare your space for work. I have a hard time with procrastination because I overthink how I’m going to accomplish what I want to do, so simple actions such as clearing my table and choosing what materials to use really helped me to begin working. It became a ritual to prepare me mentally for work. I’ve also adopted this approach to exercise and strength training. Read more>>

Clifford Robinson II

The first thing I can think of is being selfless and of service to others. With half of the work I create, I am assisting others in their creative endeavors. Team work and collaboration requires certain skills like active listening, comprehension, and adaptability. Another thing that comes to mind is genuine character. The success one experiences can very in different field; financially, progression, attention garnered, etc. To be genuine gets you farther than anything else. Being true to who you are is the key. Read more>>