We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Dr. Chris Brazzle | Consultant/Coach/Best Selling Author

It’s funny that you ask this question. I actually wrote a leadership book titled Outlier Leadership-The 5 No Excuses Habits of Outlier Leaders. The habits that I discuss in this book are indeed the habits that has helped me to succeed. I call these habits daily habits. For me, habits must occur daily because each day is a new day and each new day brings it own challenges. The first habit and probably one of the most important is constantly feeding my brain. I will be the first to tell you that I have a Bachelors, a Masters, a Specialist, and a Doctorate degree, yet I do not know everything. So I am continuing to find ways to grow and learn as much as I can to be even more successful. The second habit is inspiring others. There’s not too many things that I can name that brings me more joy than inspiring others. It is indeed my calling and I make it a habit to inject some inspiration to others on a daily. Read more>>

Pekaditos Team | Adriana, Gabriela, and Claudia

The most important habit that we think helped us succeed would be consistency. Even if we only had 3 sales one day we will still show up the next day with high hopes and determination. Another habit will be that we are always being innovative, thinking of long term ideas and trying to come up with new creations as a team. Read more>>

Stephanie Wasson | Teacher, Student, and Entrepreneur

A positive and mindful morning routine has not only been a positive habit in itself but it has also inspired me to create and maintain more positive habits. It is the positive habit “gateway drug” if you will. I used to just jump out of bed and smack into being productive, but I would feel either hyperactive, groggy, or unmotivated. This would seep into the rest of my day and effect my mindset and therefore make it more likely to create and maintain unhealthy habits throughout my day. Through self-exploration, books, and podcasts, I have slowly built a morning routine that supports my mindset and sets me up to create and maintain healthy habits throughout my day. I wake up 30 minutes earlier than I used to, drink a probiotic and prebiotic, meditate for 10 minutes, read over my visions and goals, and then listen to my favorite song, sip my coffee, and write affirmations for the day. This gets me in a mindset to take on the day and centers me. I refrain from social media, emails, or anything work related until after I have taken care of myself. Read more>>

Rodney Rice | Owner

In my view, the key to success is the ability to adapt. Don’t be stubborn – approach challenges/opportunities with an open mind and listen. These elements were the key to operating a small business during a pandemic – we moved deliberately, in a thoughtful manner, we discussed and debated options and we listened to our members. We created a safe space for our community to gather and socialize for 1 hour everyday – an escape from everything else going on in the world at the time. Read more>>

Tyrescha Blaylock | Nursing Student

Some habits that I feel have helped me succeed in life are spending quality time with God and learning to believe in myself. I am thankful to be surrounded by amazing people and I know for a fact, they area huge part of the reason I am where I am today. I’ve learned that keeping a positive attitude through out my nursing school journey and making sure to have a day(or two) of self care are habits that have motivated me to stay focus and keep pushing forward. I also keep a gratitude and prayer journal to write down things I am thankful for. It reminds me to be present in life and to pray for myself and those around me. Read more>>