We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Katie Beckham | Fine Art

I have always been drawn to interior design and making things around me more beautiful. Painting started out as a fun hobby and a way to decorate my own home. I then began to enjoy the challenge of improving my artistic skills. It was a lot of trial and error and huge ugly mistakes at first but I kept at it and later was asked by an interior design firm to start commissioning works for their clients. It took off from there! Read more>>

Joshua Greene | Graphic Designer

Visual Arts is one of the few things in life that consistently intrigues and motivates me. When I was younger, my fascination started with the endless possibilities of what I could create from my imagination, I really loved that freedom. Now, I enjoy bringing someone else’s vision to life. It’s nice to think I can use Graphic Design to communicate not only my own thoughts and ideas but someone else’s too. Read more>>

Eisani | Female Hip Hop Artist

I remember always being exposed to, entertained by, inspired, motivated and enlightened by music, since I was a very young child. Originally, my passion was to play musical instruments. Later, my passion evolved in to singing and rapping. Read more>>

Paul Jerry | Actor, Artist & Comedian

I chose to pursue an artist career because the arts are one of the best forms of expression. Everything we see is based on Pathos and Ethos. When you really think about it, an actor re-creates real life situations that people go through every single day; break-ups, deaths in your family, celebrations, life crisis, or a journey to manhood. People from all over the world can relate to what you’re going through when they watch your film, movie or TV series. When you’re an actor, you can make people laugh and cry, most importantly help them think. Read more>>

Kendall Villalpando | Body piercer and jewelry stylist

I’ve always been an artistic and creative person, even at a young age. I pursued this career keeping in mind I really didn’t have much to lose and everything to gain. I originally got into the tattoo and body piercing industry because I wanted to be a tattoo Apprentice. I did of course get the opportunity and I absolutely love tattooing, but piercing was more my forte in the end. I love everything that comes with piercings, the idea of jewelry styling, making sure that each piercing is anatomy compatible and of course some of my favorite memories are of some of my customers just expressing how much they enjoy talking to me. Read more>>