There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Mónica Santamaría | Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Fitness Blogger

I think for me has been consistently, believing in myself and being true to myself, when you are your true self, people notice that and they either like you or not, you can’t please everybody but the ones that appreciate your energy are the ones that stick around and that’s how you create a community that shares your same passions and ideas. I don’t think about people that follow my Instagram as followers, instead I think of them as a community of people interested in the same things I’m interested, traveling, fitness, healthy lifestyle, fashion, etc. Read more>>

Mariangel Avendano | Creative Designer. Tablarts

-The power of will- I’m a woman of faith, with an unshakable power of will, I consider myself as a person who never give up in the search of success. Like many, I have had days of turbulence, where I have not known which path to follow, which is the right one, how to reach my goals or simply patience runs out. We all have tired days. But the key is to take a break and continue, breathe, think, rest, seek inspiration and make the changes you need, but never give up or back down. Then when the turbulence passes and you see new goals achieved, you will be thankful you haven’t given up. Read more>>

Karla Arjona | Real Estate Agent

What is the most important factor behind your success / the success of your brand? It all stared when I got my license in 2008– I had to figure out who I was and what kind of real estate agent I wanted to be for me and my future clients. A lot of work, education and determination went into that. Once I learned who I was and what I wanted to put out there for people to see, it all started taking shape. I built a website, a social media presence, and content that would be attractive for the consumer I like to attract. Read more>>