We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

ShaWanna Renee Rivon | Playwright & Artist Activist

Being an artist pursued me…hard! I would never have thought to be an artist let alone make a career out of it. This is a field you get told “no” more in a year than most will hear in their life. It’s hard to make a living as an artists, so who would choose a career where you will struggle? I believe God made me to be an artist, because with all of the odds against artists, I still will have it no other way, and I love it. I am able to view the state of the world and create art about what’s going on, or for entertainment that will brighten someones day. I have an artistic career because I’m an artist 24/7. Read more>>

Kaleigh Day | Fine Artist and Illustrator

Creating art has always been a meditative experience for me and has helped me overcome difficult times. When I fall into a flow of concentration in my work, I become unconscious to any outside distractions. I use art as a way to release myself from time constraints of other aspects of daily life. When I create a piece that brings a new idea to life, I find that an image can often communicate a vision more clearly than words. Seeing peoples response to the pieces I create gives me an inexplicable sense of a compassionate connection. Read more>>

Bismark Alejandro Rex | Artist / Painter

As with many painters and artists, we are seduced by this freedom and movement of living life. At twenty years old I left home in search of: if I may quote the great Alejandro Jodorowsky ” in search of the consciousness, thus I began living a very bohemian lifestyle. Read more>>

Bassam Salame | Artist

I decided to follow my artistic path not only as my job, but as my lifestyle. I started drawing when I was 13 years old and haven’t stopped ever since. I’ve always been fascinated by art, movies, fashion, and music; so I’d always dream about becoming an Artist when I grew up. When you have a talent, no matter what, you always have to nurture it and make it your strongest skill. When I felt that confidence in my talent and myself, I felt ready to start my creative journey. Read more>>

Danielle Reich | Jazz vocalist

Becoming a jazz musician was not a conscious choice; it was never a part of what I envisioned for myself professionally. I sang my whole life, but it didn’t occur to me that I could pursue performing as a career. I started college in music education, and when I decided that wouldn’t be a good fit, I changed majors, but continued studying classical music. It was a few years later, after giving a solo concert of French songs and arias, that I finally acknowledged the pull to pursue music professionally. Read more>>

Siobane Morales | Event Planner & Coordinator

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to decorate my bedroom. I would wake up my brother in the middle of the night because all of a sudden I had the idea of moving my bed from one wall to the other. As a young girl I didn’t have the money to decorate as I truly wanted, but I always knew I had a passion for interior design. As I grew older, I also realized I loved to create special events for my friends and family. I have always been the party planner, the designer, in the family. Friends also call me asking for help when redecorating their homes or when planning their next event. I am always happy to help. Being an event planner allows me to incorporate both my passions of interior design and event planning to create events that are both beautiful and unforgettable for anyone. Read more>>

William Belle | Artist, Creator, and Entertainer

I truly feel this gift chose me. God knows I’ve tried every avenue except my artistic path. I mean, I’ve been drawing since I could grip a crayon. I won a couple art contest when I was in middle school. I even turn down an art scholarship from a prestigious school to pursue my hoop dreams with a college basketball scholarship. After Military, and a dozen mediocre career attempts even a slightly successful rap career, I organically discovered or rediscovered if you will my true calling. I love the freedom that art gives me. It allows me to create an exist in any world my imagination sees fit at least for the moment that I am creating. Read more>>

Ashanti Wells | Acrylic & Resin Artist

I have choosen the artistic route because since I was in middle school, I have always had a creative mindset. It started off with me polishing designs on my nails like brush stokes on a canvas. At that time I had a pair of scuffed Timberlands just sitting in my closet, so I had cut a piece of fabric and sewed it onto my boots. After graduating high school I had my daughter, I looked forward to her birthdays year after year because every party she had I would handmake her party decorations and party favors. When you have an artistic brain you tend to live in your imagination and you allow that creaitivity to spill out in whatever it is you’re doing, I would call it my comfort place. Read more>>

Star Lozano | Tattoo Artist & Crafter

I have never felt like I was meant to work a “normal” job. When I tried to work the average 9 to 5 there was always something missing and I constantly felt like I was wasting my time…Time I could have been using to doodle, paint or just do something crafty. After a few years of working, I was able to reach a management position but then my grandmother passed away. I ended up not showing up to work for a shift and instead spent that time questioning what I wanted in life. Instead of going back to work for my next shift, I decided I was going to start focusing on doing something art related to make money. Around that time, I happened to be friends with some club owners and a few of them allowed me to sell my art when they hosted events and do small murals here and there. After that I just started to take up every artsy opportunity that came my way. Read more>>

Fatema Josh | Visual Storyteller and Contemporary Artist

I have a background and graduated from an Art & Design School, thus art and creativity has always been part of my life and passion. Little did I know I would pursue Visual Arts as a career along the journey. I started painting for self therapy and my personal voice when I had a calling almost 15 years ago and found my happy place, something I reverted to for self contentment and healing quite frequently. It became such a rewarding experience that I just grew into it, although monetary gains was not initially part of it. Read more>>

Myranda & Taylor | Creators of Bat & Fae Witchery

Curiously enough, before we knew we wanted to start a business and pursue a creative career, we discussed how intriguing owning a witchery would be. We’re both so passionate about the craft and with us both being practicing witches, it was something we spoke about quite frequently. We wanted to provide an easily obtainable path to practicing and delving into spirituality, no matter how far into the journey someone might be. Pursuing the witchery as a career path was more about the art than the money, and it still is. Read more>>

Kia Renee | Entrepreneur

That’s a great question! I choose an artistic and creative career because I am a free spirit! I believe creative insights emotion. It can be therapeutic. Art is about expression. Fashion is art. It’s how we express how we feel. Read more>>

Daryn Armstrong | Tattoo Artist

I have always been very artistic! I grew up drawing and sketching constantly. As i got i older it was the one thing i always stuck with. I continued to learn and get better every day, knowing art is the one thing i truly have a passion for. Read more>>

Mark Winters | Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

My artistic journey is driven by a need to share a better connection with others. I found in my science & technology career choices early in life that I enjoyed the science and math, but I had a limited opportunity to emotionally or intellectually connect with others (outside of work related things). I found the channel, the ability, to share my thoughts and feelings through poetry early in my life (my grandmother taught me). She and I were poetry pen pals for my high school and college journey. Later as I put those thoughts to music and sang them to others, it was amazing! I am so addicted to the feeling of sharing my emotions and perspectives through music, especially in a live setting. It is a very fulfilling career choice (my 4th one), but who is counting? Read more>>

Demetrius Joseph | Model/Actor/Fittness

I pursued an artistic career because I was always a creative kid. I always saw things differently. I always wanted to create things that I saw in my mind Read more>>

Rain Stewart | Content Creator & Social Media Manager

I decided to pursue a career in a creative space because I found love and enjoyment in content creation. Throughout High School I never had the desire to become my own boss, I was more interested in the more traditional route of going to school, getting my degree, and working for a major company in the future. But after moving to New York City and seeing people with the lifestyle I thought I wanted, I quickly realized it was no longer my goal. By pursing Content Creation as a career I have found myself tapping into a different sides of myself that challenge me every single day. Read more>>

Emily M. Wolfson | Artist and founder of Unforgettaballs

I have been an artist all my life, like most artists have! But I started my career in architecture, not feeling that I could make ‘art’ a real career. I created artwork on the side, at night, and kept my day job. Slowly I found ways to develop my art into a marketable product. Originally when I started hand painting baseballs, I made fanciful designs and artistic expressions on baseballs. But during a craft show I was approached by some one who wrote an article in the newspaper about my baseballs. See at that time all baseballs were white, and it was a crazy sight to see me using them as a canvas. Someone saw that article, contacted me and told me they could help me print my designs on baseballs so I could sell the prints. My business was born, and I feel I have the best of both worlds, painting and designing new sports memorabilia for my artistic expression, as well as the sales and running a business aspect that only an entrepreneur can experience. Read more>>