We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Paco | Songwriter for Heavy Honeys

Music has definitely always been a passion of mine ever since I was a child and early on I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. There was something about the loss of control in my head that pushed me into wanting to illicit those emotions in others. Its cathartic being on stage or finishing a recording session. Its a release for me emotionally and its the most addicting feeling in the world. I want others to understand where I am coming from and see things the way I do even if its just for a song. Read more>>

Alexia Burgos | Young Artist

Pursuing an artistic career means me doing what I love and it gives me a drive to always be improving and experimenting. Of course as an artist, I have a drive to create new and better things. But when combined with an artistic career, it inspires me more than anything else, I can’t imagine being driven as I am without my art by my side. Read more>>

Sarah | Photographer & Entrepreneur

I spent so many years of my life hating myself. I hated the way I looked, I hated the way I acted. I hated everything about myself. I was teased relentlessly throughout primary school, and struggled to ever get past the way so many people made me feel. I always saw myself as less than. I was never going to be good enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough, and that was all I thought about. Read more>>

Amber Graham | Fashion Director & Author

Creativity is who I am. I can remember being 9 years old cutting up my sheets to make pajama pants. I sewed them completely by hand, self taught at that. Not my best work lol. I’d try to dress bold and different and based on how I felt that day. Until I started realizing I had to dress for how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be. That’s true creativity, creating a life before its even there. And I just never stopped. Read more>>

Orylan (Just Orylan) | OnlyFans Creator/Dancer

I pursed my career (OnlyFans) being a very artistic and creative career that gives me the freedom to chase bigger goals and I get to be as open and free as I’d like. I have no one to answer to and I’m my own boss at the end if they day, the freedom is the biggest reason why I chose this. Read more>>

Jermone Sewire | Founder of Utopia Soles & Graphic Designer

My surroundings as a kid pathed the way for me to be a creative. From the age of 7, my neighbor at the time had siblings who were all involved in creating something. His older brother was a barber who cut hair and puts designs in kids heads. His second oldest was a rapper and a producer, his mom could draw spider man with her eyes closed lol and my friend would create the designs for his older brother to sell to his barber brother’s clients. Because that was my best friend, I felt like family participating and watching these things develop from concept to real life. Read more>>

She’s Face | Singer & Songwriter

Music is my first love, honestly. It’s something I’ve always done effortlessly. My parents met in the band, she played the flute and he played drums. It’s safe to say I grew up in studios, no matter where I’ve lived. My dad created these environments when we shared a home and allowed me to thrive there. After some time in girl groups, creating Youtube content, paid performances at funerals, high school clubs, auditions, commercials and so much more – I removed myself from all sorts of potential control and direction. Read more>>