What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Kat Carrier | Nutrition Coach & Global Crude Loss Control Advisor

Work, Health, Family, Sleep, & Social Life – simultaneous growth in all aspects is like a golden ticket, we’re all after it! The best thing I’ve learned about work-life balance is that it changes as the seasons of your life change. Understanding that if your life is tilted to one side of the seesaw right now, doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. More importantly, understanding you’re allowed to change your mind, at any moment, on what that balance looks like for you and your family. Read more>>

Tashia Taylor | Adult and Youth Mentor & Life Coach

Achieving work-life balance is a daily challenge. As a mom and leader I had to first let go of mom guilt. Which gave me the opportunity to see all things in real time and determine real-life needs from the broadest perspective. I knew exactly how I wanted life to begin to flow and what it was going to take to get there. To reach my overall goals I needed to find balance and keep it immediately. This pandemic has taught me so much about myself. It forced me to begin moving and operating as my greatest self and start the day off showing up as her. Read more>>

Julian Garcia | Permanent Makeup Artist & MUA

I’m still trying to figure that out. Being that my business it”s a one man show it’s hard not to think of your labor of love. I find myself constantly thinking of ways to interact with my audience, content to create, marketing strategies. Along with that i try to dedicate at least one hour a day everyday to practice and perfect my Craft, which includes Microblading and Ombré shading. Don’t get me wrong I do take some time to decompress and relax, but growing my business is always on my mind. Read more>>