Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Olubukola Oyetunji | CEO, Fabulous by Nora LLC

My native name is Bukola, I am from Nigeria, West Africa. While growing up, my Mom ran her own personal business. She was a very industrious woman who dealt in wholesale of textiles and lovely fabrics of colorful and different patterns. She taught me the art of business and made me develop a keen interest in the fashion industry. She was also a very fashionable woman who knew how to combine colors and style herself up to look outstanding at all times. I think seeing her love for fashion coupled with the art of business I got from her made me start up my own clothing line which I proudly named; FABULOUS BY NORA AFROCENTIC WEARS. One of my astute beliefs is that fashion is a language you speak without actually saying any word, so looking good is not a child’s play… it goes a long way in determining how you will be addressed. My company will be one year in November and I know I am who and where I am today because of my love for seeing people look good without having to break the bank. Read more>>

Céline Atoui | Graphic Designer & Fashion Consultant

I am French-Lebanese, grew up in France and then moved back and forth between the 2 countries. I also lived in Morocco 3 years. I travelled a lot with my family and for work purposes so I am very much influenced by the different cultures I encountered. I am also trilingual which completely changes your perspective on this world. I am a graphic designer but quickly turned to fashion, graduated with a Masters degree in Fashion & Luxury brand management in Grenoble, France. I moved to the US and to Houston 4 years ago, noticed that fashion and style are not a present subject or something you see/feel in the everyday life. But I felt there is a potential that is growing slowly and thought I want to be a part of it so I created the IG page @styleinhouston in 2019 while still working at Saks. It started just as a visual diary but now I am trying to use it as a platform to showcase my styling on Houstonian women. Read more>>

Nadya Durham | Founder & CEO Ichronic Marketing | Social Media & Marketing Expert

I started my love for marketing way back when while running around my mom’s work office in Houston, causing chaos. As a kid, I never knew what was going on, but I would be so fascinated by how she handled herself in business. She turned her headaches and frustration (caused by my office chaos) into these beautiful masterpieces of advertisement. At a certain point, she started giving me busy work. I became so fond of it she then started asking for my opinion on things. I would get so creative with where and what to slap a logo on; socks, chapsticks, sunglasses, slap a sticker on someone’s forehead (if they let me, lol)! Read more>>

Darien Standifer | Big Skinny the Comedian

I am from Ruston, Louisiana. I was raised & continued to lived in this small town most of my life. I’ve always wanted to be a Comedian but i never seen nor around anybody that was into comedy on a professional level. After years of dreaming about it i finally step out on faith & took a shot at it & have not looked backed. Read more>>

Genene Wallis-McGrath | Studio and Education Director, Institute of Contemporary Dance

I am from a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. I was raised by a single mom alongside one older sister. Being raised by a single mom molded me into the person I am today. My mom, Christine Wallet, is the hardest working person I know. She has owned her own business since I was little and she has always lead it with her passion and heart first. Read more>>