Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jennifer Ochoa | The Worthy Vida – Lifestyle Blogger

Although I was born in California, I was raised in Veracruz, Mexico since I was only a month old up until the age of 6. I like to describe my childhood as very good one overall. I have a lot of great memories in Mexico and although my mom was a single mom, we were blessed with a family who always was very supportive of one another. Growing up in a small ‘pueblo’, a small town, I felt that life was very simple and easy. A lot of that changed when my mom took the decision to come back to the US in hopes for a better life for her and I. Read more>>

Haley Hoover | Success Coach + Intuitive Artist

I am from a very small, rural town in Southwest Oklahoma. In a town of less than 4000, everyone knows one another intimately, or so it seems. It is through growing up, living and working in this environment that I learned the true depth of character and why it matters. When you see the same people at work, at church and in the grocery store, you really get to know the integrity of people. As a business owner, this has shaped so much of how I treat my clients and colleagues. Read more>>

Marquita Gill | Educator & Creative Lead- Empress Naturals

I was born and raised in beautiful Barbados, in the West Indies. It is the most easterly island in the Caribbean and is known as the gem of the region. My first 18 years of life in Barbados, before moving to America in 2009, were filled with sweet soca and spouge, morning beach trips before school, picking fresh fruit, enjoying ridiculously delicious Bajan cuisine, Crop Over, Kadooment, tuk bands and in general, living a very laid-back, calm and positive life. Read more>>

B. Sadé | SHE-E.O of Haus of Melanin

I’m from Detroit, MI. The city of Hustlers. Where I’m from, regardless to whether you have a 9-5 or not, everyone is always doing something on the side. We really invented the hustle culture. Growing up here definitely molded me. I was ambitious naturally, I had a business mindset, naturally. I remember one time, I wanted this swimsuit from “Kids ‘R’ US (back in the day) and I asked my mom, of course she hit me with the “You got the money?” Knowing I didn’t. Read more>>

Dana Rouse | Entrepreneur

I was born and raised in island called Barbados. My background has definitely impacted how I speak, the how I carry my self. Bajan believe strongly in a high self image. Always be presentable no matter the circumstances. Read more>>

Cade Wesley | Photographer, Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist

I was born in Lufkin, Tx, a small town with a whopping population of 35k. I’m sure many haven’t heard of it, other than the occasional “oh yeah, I drove through it one time but don’t remember much about it.” Well, that might be because there’s not much worth remembering just passing through. You could say we have a love-hate relationship… Technically I am from Pollok, which is 16 miles outside the Lufkin city limits, and that’s the place I’d call home. I grew up surrounded by family, and I am forever grateful for that; my grandma, whom I called Nanny was my best friend, my aunt Cathy – Read more>>

Minister Dr. Angela Thomas | Mental & Healthcare Rehabilitation Professional, Christian Counselor & Community Activists

I’m from the Midwest, native of Kansas City, MO. Grow up in Witchia KS. Live a short period in Cleveland. I currently reside in Kansas City…I am proud to say I wear many hats Im a minister & community activists. So amusing to think over my lifetime as I journey & go back down memory lane. I recently took my youngest daughter to the neighborhood & the house I use to live in with my grandparents. It brought back so many great memories. I’m so grateful for my Mother Mary Tucker 💓 & My Grandparents Cora Lee Woods & Lloyd Woods RIH!.. Read more>>