Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Retro Ka$hi | Rapper / Artist

“I been in and out of studio’s practically my whole life and my big cousin had one that I used to sit and watch him do shit in like mix, master and beats. Most of my homies and cousins growin’ up was rappin’ and eventually they had me writing that stuff too, so then this girl Ashley made me record a song and then my homie Indra (Nos at the time) had me in the booth recording Netflix and I knew after that. I had to do music n shit” – Retro. Read more>>

Tiffany Heng Hui Lee | HH Design Studio

I have always loved to draw. I also enjoy putting things together; building and creating objects. My science projects always won first place! Obtaining an interior design degree allowed me to do what I love – design, build, create and make the world more beautiful. Interior design is an extension of visual art. When not designing architectural space for commercial interiors I make paper collages, sculptures and jewelry. My paper collages give me the opportunity to be creative and share the beauty found in nature with others. Read more>>

Jonathan Rashun | Creative & Urban Inspirational Figure

Over the years I’ve gravitated towards music and creative writing because it makes me happy. I feel most alive and at home when I am creating. Read more>>

Mr Mustache | Artist

I’d like to think I chose to pursue it, but in reality I think it chooses you. Everyone is born with certain tendencies, gifts, talents and skills. The question is are they going to head their calling and listen to what their own soul is saying? Most don’t. But if you get quiet enough to listen then you’ll know the way for you. And if you do, then the world will be a better place because of your unique contribution to it. Another thing that I would add is that my goal hasn’t been so much a creative career as it is to live a spiritual life. I want to make the world better, to help fix what I see broken and I use my creativity for that purpose. It’s a vehicle for life’s journey. Service is greater than success At the end of the day the only thing that will matter to any of us is: What effect did I have on others? Was it good?. Read more>>

Ashlee Boudreaux | Beauty and Spiritual Wellness Guru

I decided to pursue this career path because I craved a life where I would be able to use my God given talents to generate income, and also be able to express myself creatively at the same time. Being an artist or creator of anything requires a vision. Creatives tend to have all of these beautiful visions in our head, but don’t know how to express them effectively. I know it’s cliché, but I wanted to make my passion my paycheck. Over the past decade, I’ve had to delve deep into my creative gifts, and try to understand which ones I could not only monetize, but also decipher which ones would allow me to share with and inspire the masses. Whether it be making them feel like a better version of themselves physically, or helping my clients ascend and become the master version of themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. My success solely depends on those who support and believe in me and my creative gifts. Read more>>

Ariel Vargas | CEO of Aryce Designs

Aryce Designs came from my creativity side and also behind my skills in Interior Design. When I finished with my Bachelors Degree from AIH with ID, companies were not hiring at the moment so I had to think on how to show my talent and how to express it. In 2010, I started it, but wasn’t fully ready to pursue it due to becoming a new mom and trying to figure out life after college. When I started doing small decorations for colleagues for my current company I work for in 2018, this made me realize that I was ready to start full time and expand with what was really for me and what brought me to complete happiness by making others feel what I created for them. Read more>>

Eydn | Music Artist

Honestly I feel like it pursued me. I could sing before I could talk and my mother saw that and helped it grow. She got me one of those little tap a tune pianos and I’m sure i was wearing it out daily. From there was church choir and school choir, plays, piano, violin, dance anything that peaked my interest. Read more>>

Hannah Herrera | Singer/Songwriting & Artist

I chose to pursue an artistic and creative career because I love doing things outside of the norm and expressing my individuality in a unique manner. Music and songwriting is an art that allows me to be completely raw with my emotions and enables an outlet for showing the world my true self. I am a very sentimental person and I love being able to connect to others through my feelings. Art in any form is a form of communication of one’s self. I have a joy and passion for singing. It has been something that has brought me much happiness from a very young age. It has been a hobby and interest of mine since I was very little and songwriting has also come very natural to me as I have grown and progressed as a musician while playing keyboard. I have always enjoyed writing and excelled in English class and I have been able to apply my storytelling abilities to my songs and through music. Read more>>

Ezra Black | Musician

Music is so engrained in my being that I didn’t really see another choice. I’ve definitely built other interest/hobbies but they always lead back to some aspect of creating music. Read more>>

Karma | Recording Artist

Growing up music was my escape, my reality, my dream and everything else under the sun. My dad was a DJ so most of my childhood was spent in nightclubs and seeing what music did to everyone in those environments lit a flame in me that could never be extinguished. That’s why I pursued being an artist I want to heal and put a smile on the faces of my listeners , provide the safe space we all endlessly search for and reminding them that it’s in ourselves . Which ironically is the main theme to my upcoming EP “My Lil Big Heart” I’ve worked on this for two years capturing the painful and beautiful parts of healing and self love. knowing that people not only relate but truly feel to my music is the biggest achievement I could ask for and I’m honored everyday that I’m allowed to do what I’m doing and expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more of me. Read more>>

Cesalina Davidson | Singer/Actress/Dancer/Model/Vocal Trainer

My parents got me involved at the young age of 3 in ballet and even before that I was asked to model for a major real estate brand called Turnberry Towers. My love for being artistic stemmed from that and I have been creating ever since. I feel alive when I step onto the stage and it just feels like home to me. I have also been blessed with finding good mentors like Eric Bruner who has helped me train my voice to the professional level it is at today. I will now also be doing vocal training for new clients and continuing to perform for private clients at events. Read more>>

George Zupp | West Texas Artist

Thats a good question. When i was in highschool i treated art like it was private messages i was sending to myself or others via symbols, as time went on it grew to a worship of painting and studio life. The more people told me i would grow up and take life more seriously the more iwas determinded to prove them wrong. At this point its all i know to quit now would be a return to the jobsite. Art is a masosistic game people dont pursue it out of leisure very sucesfully. Read more>>

Kevin Bianchi | Videographer/Editor

I always enjoy creating and watching videos so it made sense to pursue an education and career in videography. The one thing I absolutely enjoy is watching the final result of the video. On the professional side it is always rewarding to exceed the clients expectations both creatively and technologically. When I make videos for my social media though I allow myself to try new things and enjoy my followers & subscribers reaction to the content I make. Read more>>