You know that feeling where you are so excited about getting up in the morning because you just can’t wait to get to work? Some folks will think that sentence is insane, but others know exactly what we’re talking about. We asked some of them to tell us why they love what they do so much.

Amber Berry | Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Licensed Midwife, MSc. Advanced Midwifery Practice

I love what I do because because I truly believe the Midwives Model of Care ( is the best option for low-risk women’s and baby’s overall health and experience! It is such a joy to get to know families throughout their pregnancy and prenatal care, and then get to share in their joy during those precious moments as they find strength they didn’t know they had during labor, and joy deeper than they knew possible when the baby is born! Read more>>

Gene Barron | Artist

The thing that I love most about what I do is, to put it simply, the freedom to interact with people. As an artist, you get to move a bit more freely and with people from all facets of society, from collectors, galleries, business owners, doctors, others artists in many genres, to those who are just simply art lovers and those who are just interested in what you do. They are like tribes in a way, People tend to accept each other if you more or less resemble their ‘tribe’. There are certain professions. Read more>>

Andrei Restrepo | Photographer & Video Creator

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do. I didn’t get into photography until just 5 or 6 years ago. Leaving the music scene in 2013, I began to pick up a camera and never put one down. I’m a big advocate on you need to do what you love, not just work for a living. My parents always supported me from day 1, on matter what I wanted to do. I love that that photography is an escape for me. I get lost in my passion and nothing else matters except the shot I’m trying to get. If you truly do what you love, money will follow. You just have to work hard! Read more>>

Justin Whitfield | Live music/event venue owner

I truly love what I do. I get to think of new ideas for bringing in customers. I get to plan and host parties. Wildcatter Saloon is such a unique property that I am constantly doing different things. For example: we have an adult Easter egg hunt. We give out over $2k in cash and prizes. During this pandemic, I realized seniors in high school had no Prom. So I offered to host their proms in our park, for free. Due to the 3 1/2 acres and most of it outdoors, we have the perfect set up for a post corona virus world! Read more>>

Shehzad Hoosein | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – The Magic Joint, INC

I believe love & care have always been great partners. Caring for others is a great way to physically & mentally assist ourselves in everyday life. Like a pyramid, one person connects to another & knowing that The Magic Joint is continuously helping people smile by naturally relieving their joint / muscle pains, adds a level confidence to boost the team’s motivation! When someone excited approaches you with a smile & says, “I can’t believe I’m walking without pain after so many years” or “my arthritis pain is gone thanks to you,” there is no better feeling than that. I say it in every interview, without a doubt, that it’s the most-loving part of all! Read more>>