We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

America Gonzalez | Hair Stylist & Eyelash Technician

the reason i have Chosen to be a Hairstylist is because one of the most important things to me has always been my Hair. Hair is one of the First things you see when you see yourself in a mirror or what people see when looking at you. To many, it can be a form of expressing who they are as a person or simply their style. The reason behind pursing my career is to help individuals express their Beauty through their hair. Read more>>

Justin Chinn | Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, Creative Director

At a very young age, I have always been interested into fashion and the arts. I felt and still feel that I was born for the lights, cameras and action. It wasn’t until I fully understood the fact that it was very much possible to be able to do your passion full time and actually get paid to do so. With that being said, I decided to fine tune my focus and drive and I decided to put my all into my craft. Read more>>

Karissa Noelle | Founder & Editor-In-Chief of What Is Casual

Watching people around me work in office settings and professional careers just looked unfulfilling. I wanted to have fun with no one hanging over my shoulders and especially no requirements of a business professional dress code. I sought a career that brought new projects everyday and required the use of all my artistic abilities. Travel is a big determining factor because I love to have freedom to get up and go. My reckless spontaneity is directly linked to my happiness! Read more>>

Melissa Algood | Eco-Friendly Hairstylist & Author

I decided to pursue a creative career because I didn’t want to work in an office every day. I needed a professional where it was okay to be a weirdo, and of utmost importance was to have a skill in which was something that was my own that would also help people. Plus I talk a lot so being a hairstylist that caters to an eco-conscious clientele was the perfect choice for me. And while I love working with my clients I still have creativity that runs through me so I have a second career as an author who’s published everything from novels to poems in genres ranging from horror to spy thriller. Read more>>

Tony Wayne | Tattooer

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. As a kid I would draw on anything I could get my hands on. I was definitely that kid that got in trouble for drawing on the walls or the furniture….my poor mother. Not sure when I really started to take artistry seriously. It has just always been my hobby and passion. I have gravitated towards it my whole life. Somewhere along the way it ended up being my career. I did a lot of pencil and charcoal drawings when I was younger. I drew a lot of portraits, as well as fantasy and comic characters, as I have always been a comic nerd. As I got older I got in to marker drawings and painting. Eventually I found tattooing and instantly I was hooked. Tattooing has been by far my favorite medium to express my artistic side. Read more>>

Tina Weston | Free Spirit

Since I was young, I knew I was different. While in 3rd grade, I remember the music teacher asking us who are favorite music artists were. My answer? Celine Dion. In hindsight. I realize how different of a child I was, Now as an adult, I see and feel how different I am. I get bored and tired of jobs (never stayed employed for the same employer for long) I like adventure, change, and the beauty that life has to offer. I can’t be confided to a desk or cubical. Read more>>

Jennifer Zavala | Crafter & Artist

I have always been an artistic and creative person, but I had no idea how to pursue it professionally since I was intimidated by all the stories of artists not being able to accomplish their dreams. After the first wave of COVID 19 hit Houston and the lockdown began I found myself bored and quite depressed. It wasn’t until my mom gave me the idea of customizing my own Starbucks cups (Because who doesn’t like coffee? and honestly I am a bit obsessed with that company). Read more>>