We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career.  We’ve shared some highlights below.

Maria De Jesus Berry | Influencer, Blogger, Photographer & Artist

Art has not only inspired my life since youth, but it has propelled me into my truest self by allowing me to express myself through every event in my life. Whether it was writing poetry as a teen to cope through trauma, art journaling in my professional modeling career to keep sweet memories, or creating digital art in Photoshop to incorporate my photography and digital painting skills… art has ALWAYS played a big role in my life and it always will. Through art we can all tell our stories, inspire others to create and also share their own tales and triumphs. To create is to share a piece of ourselves, perhaps the pieces we kept hidden in our hearts… to reveal them is to reveal ourselves. Art is a most magical expression. Read more>>

Destiny Ross | Creator & Entrepreneur

Being a stay at home mom is a rewarding but tough job. Sometimes you can lose yourself caring for others and being closed off. Makeup and YouTube gave me an outlet to express myself and my creative side by letting me be me. Creating different looks with makeup and hair was something I didn’t know I enjoyed doing until I started. I’ve been passionate about it ever since. Read more>>

Stevie Harrison | Plant-based Chef & Spiritual Life Coach

The creative career pursued me before I understood why. Me tapping into my creativity allows me to express my deepest emotions, If I don’t create, which serves as a way for me to release what no longer serves me, then I don’t flow with the rhythms of life. Read more>>

Hector Perez | Bass Player

When I first started to pursue music, I wanted to be able to have people lose themselves for a little and have a good time while listening to the music I am playing. Read more>>

Jamey Franklin | Visual Artist

I’m not sure I ever have, but I’ve always known that I simply had to make art. I learned pretty early that having multiple income streams means your art can be a lot more free, and therefore more genuine and authentic. So I have a whole other career which I also enjoy to make sure all my needs are met, and I can make whatever art I want without ever having to compromise. That system works well for me. Read more>>

Erika Whitney G. | Artist & Educator

As back as I can remember I always loved creating things, and being in a creative environment. I told my partner to never let me stop making things because its the key to me being a pleasant person to be around. (HAHA) Ultimately, when I was having to decide why I wanted to go to college and what for, there was just nothing else i wanted to put any effort towards. I am from a small town in East Texas, called Sulphur Springs and there was never any one pushing me to get in to a creative field, nor did I really understand that it was possible but as soon as I realized that art school was a thing I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. While in undergrad I still couldn’t fathom what being an artist meant and felt my options were limited. Read more>>