We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Pamela O’Brien | President & Principal Designer

I was creative as a child, spending hours drawing every day and doing craft projects in my free time. As a working adult, I had less free time for creative pursuits and I missed them. Having an interior design firm allows me to spend most of my day creating beautiful things. I find that enormously satisfying. Read more>>

Andy Nolasco | CEO & Senior Engineer

I love all forms of art the creativity, imagination and difference in perspectives it’s captivating especially music, but you hear the stories about people being exploited for there work and never seeing a dime for their creativity. That was a driving force on pursuing my own record company to have a safe place where all artist can have full creative control and not have to worry about being taken advantage of. Read more>>

Erin Blue | Singer & Songwriter

Like anyone else with a creative mindset, going through life normally was never an option. I had no idea why anything I was trying to do outside of my dream ended up flopping. Working a 9-5 literally never worked for me, I wasn’t the college type—I’m not big on paperwork lol. And even though my parents are old fashioned, they never forced me to do anything I didn’t wanna do. They knew I always wanted to be a creative—it’s always been my passion. So when I’d come to them complaining about a job or whatever, they’d remind me of what I said I wanted to be. It let me know I never had to settle for the norm. It’s possible…I could be greater. I just needed that extra push to let me know and they gave me the “okie doke”. Read more>>

Hailley Rose Wollak | Yoga Teacher, Podcast Creator & Love Your Belly Movement Leader

I’ve lived my whole life doing what I thought I was “supposed” to do. I graduated from high school, got my college degree and then got a nine to five job in corporate america with a salary, health benefits and a 401(k). I had checked all the boxes and done all the things that our society told me I “should” do in order to be successful and happy. However, I wasn’t happy and I didn’t feel very successful. I was making money and I was excelling at my career… yet something was missing. I felt dim, uninspired and like I wasn’t truly living, I was simply existing. I got my yoga teacher training certificate in 2014 and found something that made me come alive. I started my side hustle and taught yoga after my corporate job – in the evenings and on weekends. I spent hours immersed in yoga teacher training programs and was working longer hours and harder than I ever had before. Yet somehow I felt more energized than ever before too. Read more>>

Jazmin Edmond | Party Planner & Personalize Creator

Well at a birthday party I did for my daughter my sister’s best friend told me how everything looked so nice and how I took the theme of the party and brought it to life. Then she says “Jazz you need to make this a business. You do so awesome planning these things”. That was in 2015 and every since then I’ve been on a roll. Read more>>