A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Victor Lopez | Chemical Engineer

I think having a work life balance is very important to do our jobs happily, coming from Mexico a country with one of the highest working hours (48 per week) and only 1-2 weeks off for vacations per year; made me realized how important is to balance work since the spare time was so little. In my first jobs I used to work a lot, I was learning so many things, but I didn’t had the chance to compare it to other jobs or other conditions in other countries, I was working in a modern slavery society where I needed to work for one year in order to have 1-2 weeks off. Read more>>

Karen Garcia | College Student & CEO of Styled Events LLC

As a business owner and full-time college student, work-life balance is something that I am actively working on improving. When you love what you do, it begins to influence the way you view everything around you. You start finding inspiration everywhere, ideas everywhere, and that feeling is hard to contain. Before you know it, it’s late at night and you’re still grinding away. There have been many times where I have had to force myself to take a break to keep a balanced life. Even though I am constantly working, being my own boss allows me to create my own schedule and have the flexibility to spend quality time with my friends and family, and allows me to prioritize my school work. Read more>>

Kayla Cameron | Hair and Makeup Artist

I think figuring out a work life balance has been one of the most challenging steps that I have had to do. In the beginning when I first started my company, I felt the need to say yes to everything. I felt the need to compromise and pack my schedule so full of clients and styled shoots and networking events that I left barely any room to breathe yet alone rest. This past year with the pandemic, it brought a whole new insight to the meaning of the word rest. Like many people in the wedding industry, my job came to a complete halt for quite sometime. Read more>>

Tierra Barber | Owner of B. Elevated Candle Co.

I think about work life balance all of the time. It is the reason I decided to go into entrepreneurship. Im a single mom of two and my career before moving in my own direction had me working the longest hours. It was work work work no life at all. I really struggled with it. Leaving home before my kids woke up. Getting back after they were asleep. Having to hire people to take them to and from school, stay with them until bedtime. It was exhausting. As a mom I felt like a failure. I could never have time for myself because the little time I had free, I spent with my kids. So I was mentally and emotionally drained as well. Read more>>

Jared Gilmore | International Published Photographer, Neuromuscular Educator & Drilling Fluids Engineer

Great question and one that lends me the opportunity to reflect on my “why” aka purpose, motivation and inspiration for marching forward towards the light! Currently operating as a Drilling Performance Engineer for the largest service Oil & Gas Company along with owning/operating J Raphael’s Photography, LLC amongst other duties; husband, father, mentor, motivational speaker, ministry leader, consultant, financial advisor, etc., I can attest to the importance of balancing work and life responsibilities. In just this past decade, the journey transitioned from being an Anatomy Professor and Author to full-time business owner and business developer for Tri-Country Regional Black Chamber of Commerce where I served in a number of roles. Read more>>