What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Brandi Hazen-Workmon | Hairstylist and Studio Salon Owner

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 15 years. I’ve spent years perfecting the craft of hair coloring and cutting. When I first began my career behind the chair, I could wear whatever shoes I wanted, work insanely long hours and live on nothing but Starbucks. Over time it’s taken a toll on my body, and I’ve learned how to take care of myself, as well as my clients. Those long days are gone (the Starbucks still plays a pivotal roll in my day tho!) I got married 2 years ago, and I have been caring for my younger mentally handicapped brother for 3.5 years. Read more>>


My story starts in Argentina, where I was born and raised. I studied Graphic Design in Buenos Aires and worked in the industry until the mid-nineties when my husband, our infant daughter and I moved to Texas. It was a big change for all of us: a new country and new language, all faraway from our family and friends. Our second daughter was born two years later, and I became a full-time mom who started self-educating in the visual arts. Read more>>

Jennifer Grigassy | Owner & Candlemaker

I am happier than I have ever been. I am happier for many reasons, but the biggest and most profound difference is that I now get to be 100% authentically myself all the time. You see before starting Imperial Candle Co. I spent most of my professional career as an Executive Assistant, a position that I was required to arrange and meet with executives of companies concerning various and diverse issues. This would require me to not only be well versed in the instant issue but to also have analyzed the personalities of the participants with whom I would be in discussions with. Read more>>

Kelly Simon | Broker, Owner of KSP

I have to constantly work to achieve a healthy work life balance. When I first was licensed I had a great work life balance, as the company continued to grow that became more difficult. I recently hired a business coach that helped me with my company structure to help provide a better balance. I have hired a few admins and have learned the importance of delgating the items. I am actively still working to achieve a healthier work life balance! Read more>>