Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Merinda Watkins-Martin | Caterer

I am naturally risk adverse. But, I also understand that a business must take risks to grow and thrive. I have found a very calculated approach to risk works best for me. We, (Myhusband, Reginald Martin, and I), always strive to minimize risk by limiting the variables we can’t control. We purchased our kitchen so the drastic rent fluctuations were no longer applicable. We limit our exposure to unpaid debts by requiring payments in advance. We also create hard thresholds for new ventures. If we haven’t made a new endeavor profitable in six months, we already have a preplanned exit strategy. Read more>>

Marvin Young | Actor

Taking risk has played a huge role in my life! I firmly believe that without risk, your not living your life to it’s fullest potential. Becoming an actor was a huge risk for me, especially since I’m a person who likes to control the narrative of any situation I’m involved in. Acting is all about risk taking and choices, depending on the choice really determines the character your creating. So I’ve grown to become comfortable with risk, it’s my new normal. Read more>>

Josh Litos | Artist & Painter

Taking risks is really important for my art practice. I am constantly experimenting and trying new things and that leaves more room for the magic to happen when making work. Read more>>

Virginia Manning, LPC-S, LCDC | Mental Wellness Advocate

Risk taking is a scary word! I would rather say walk out on faith. Successful risk taking involves believing in a plan that you devised but nit know the exact outcome yet. I successfully took a “risk” with quitting a school counseling position and going into private practice because I worked hard to execute my plan of action. Read more>>

Scott Glaser | Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve always taken risks in my life, in my earlier years most of them have been spur of the moment “jump in” type of risk. As i’ve grown and learned we all need to take a risk at times, just making sure they’re calculated is what’s important. I’ve changed careers many times, gone back to school at 29 and been an owner in at least 4 companies in my thirties. I’ll continue to take risks in throughout my life. That doesn’t mean quit your job tomorrow to start a company. But it does mean you can take that step to get your LLC, or work on the marketing plan or do anything that you dream of in your spare time. Read more>>

Julie Hibbs | Owner

Anytime I am faced with a situation that presents some level of risk – the first question I always ask myself is “what is the worse thing that could happen?” In 2o+ years of running my own business and having asked myself that question hundreds of times – I found that in the majority of cases there was no real risk associated with the situation. The perception that risks existed were merely my underlying fear of failure. Once I realized it was only my ego that would be bruised should things not go well – it made it a whole lot easier to see risky situations for what they really are – opportunities. Opportunities to grow, to learn, to expand. Read more>>