Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Joey Naeger | Bass luthier

I’m fairly risk averse. Most of the hangups I had about starting my business centered around the risk of not having a guaranteed paycheck, It was important for me to have enough cash saved up so I could afford to have things not go well early on. As luck would have it, within a year of opening shop, the pandemic started. Due to the good financial preparation I did, I was able coast through the pandemic despite reduced client work. Had I been leveraged up, it’s likely I would have to seek out employment. I see a lot of bravado in the entrepreneurial space encouraging people to take big risks. While there is some truth to statements like that, I worry people will hear that kind of advice and behave recklessly. Big risks require big preparation and it’s incumbent upon you to have a realistic way to handle dips and volatility. Read more>>

Edward Kraatz II | Comic Book Artist & Illustrator

I think talking about “Risk Taking” is also touching on several other topics as well. Just starting your own company is taking a risk in itself. So I think risk taking is a part of stepping out and into what you want to do in your life and career. I am in a highly competitive field and I believe there eventually has to be a moment where the rubber meets the road so to speak of. As in you just have to try and move forward and see what happens. As you go along you learn how to gauge when and where to take those risks. Personally speaking I have also had to learn to let go and trust in God to lead me or steer me to where he wants me to be. Asking him for his advice or direction in my business has really changed my approach. This has lead to less risks taken in a sense that it’s not a risk when your listening to him. The results have been such a blessing. Read more>>

Alexis Nicole | Registered Nurse & Youtuber

In my opinion, nothing great happens with some sort of risk. I took a lot of risks with my career especially putting my self out there with starting my Youtube channel. I had no idea where it would take me but I am so glad that did because the rewards have greatly outweighed my initial risk. Read more>>

Dorie Kerr | Jewelry Artist

Generally speaking, I am risk-averse. But doing what I love makes it much easier to dive in to new projects and experiment with different materials. . I’ve learned to accept that not every creative venture will be successful in the traditional sense. But, these experiences challenge the way I see things and, ultimately, lead to growth. Several years ago, I added a line of handmade silver jewelry from Laos to my collection. I risked diluting my brand but fell in love with the work and the story behind it. This very old and traditional art complements my work and adds another dimension to my business. Read more>>

Jaya Nicole | Fashion Photographer

Risk taking is scary if were being honest. Taking a risk pushes you into the unknown. It puts you in uncomfortable situations. I do it on purpose though. Something about me is I always want to be leaning, and to remain teachable. Being uncomfortable causes me to think harder, ask more questions, and make the necessary shifts I need too. You should never be too comfortable. Life has infinite opportunities and possibilities so try. Risk taking is trying something and not being worried about the outcome. Take risks often! I am talking to my audience when I say this but also myself. If I didn’t make any uncomfortable choices I would still be living with my parents and curious about life instead of just living it and having new experiences. Read more>>

Tadia Franko | Content Creator & Master Control Operator

I believe I have taken a lot risks in my life, both professionally and personally. I wouldn’t say I take risks without understanding the consequences; whether good or bad outcomes. I’ve always been at a place where I knew what I was doing, and I was okay if nothing worked out, and if things did…great! I would say right now, I’m at that same crossroad of every move I’m making in both work and personal are high risk, and I’m at a place in my life where I’m at peace with whatever happens going forward. I am someone that is very creative and a hard worker-I learned that from my parents-but I’m also not afraid to be someone living in my car, or working at the grocery store to pay my bills if it comes to that because I know that I’m still going to pursue the things I love regardless of any situation or title I have. Read more>>

TeVaun Scallion | Photographer &Videographer

I feel that every entrepreneur or business should take necessary risk. Being able to improvise in different situations will help set your business apart from the rest. Look at how people have adapted to this global pandemic it’s just the nature of being in business. Changing with the times, and in my specific life taking risks to move to a new city has greatly impacted me. The connections and networking that I’ve made while in Houston has helped me grow so much. Not just as a business but as a person as well. Read more>>

Dominique Myrie | Fit Mom, Lifestyle Content Creator

I’ve always felt if there is no risk there is no reward. When you take a chance there is the potential for loss, but you also greatly increase the odds of reaching your goals. I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence with action. And when I align that mindset with taking risks I always seem to have a positive outcome. Taking risks has allowed me to start doing content and grown from 2,500 to almost 15k followers in 12 months working with household name brands. Read more>>

Chef Reginald Scott | Chef, Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

When it comes to me and risk taking, I think that is the most enjoyable part of this journey. I get a thrill not knowing what’s on the other side. One of my biggest risk was moving to Houston to expand on my culinary journey. I left my family and the comforts of my own home to come sleep on my best friends floor. At the time, things were way harder than i imagined, but i knew my main objective was to break the cycle and prepare a better future for my family. With that being said, I have managed to build a name for myself by staying true to who i am and constantly pushing the envelope. Read more>>

Laura Yepes | Owner

I’ve always been the type of person to overly prepare for everything and anything. Being one step ahead was always my motto. When it comes to taking risks it makes me nervous. Throughout the course of my life I’ve learned to overcome this fear of the unknown. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breathe, weigh our options, and take a leap. Put all our heart into something, this way, no matter the outcome we know we gave it our all. This is what I did to get where I am. Read more>>

Dana Case | Fashion Designer

Risk has played an important role in my life and career. I wanted to build a clothing brand that was easy on the earth, side stepping the standard fashion industry norms to do it. In creating an unconventional brand I needed to leave my career as a technical designer and jump head first into establishing Atelier of the Wild. It felt both risky and exciting to throw out the standard retail and wholesale business model for an old school made-to-order version. I believe you can think about risk in two ways. We tend to conjure all the negative end results leaving the mind to fixate on the most perilous possibilities. Thinking about the negative aspects allows the fear of risk taking to unsettle what confidence there is, stopping us in our tracks before we even begin. The second approach to thinking about risk is to maintain focus on the positive aspects of the situation, evaluating the end result with an emphasis on appreciating the journey of the creative process. Read more>>

MARKEITA PRUITT | Serial Entrepreneur

I would assume I have the normal reaction to risk as the next person. But, I’m grateful for a faith level that doesn’t allow me to be discouraged, nor disabled by it. My level of faith is progressing constantly. And with each challenge, I am forced to level up my faith. So, the idea of risk causes me to shift perspectives and see it as an opportunity to overcome, versus being automatically defeated. By the grace of God, the risks have paid off. Each risk moved me closer, deeper into purpose. So, risks are necessary!. Read more>>

Angela C Ģennusa | Small Business Owner & Artist

How do I think about risk? I don’t put a whole lot of thought into it actually. I am a very spur of the moment person and more impulsive than most I tend to act first and think later. I use this to my advantage being an art is because for me it difficult to sit down and preplan whatever I want to create. Usually I just decide I want to start a new piece and do it and watch as it evolves over days/weeks/months. Read more>>