We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ed (loco) Reyes | Guitar Tech/Manager

When we started Heights Guitar Tech over 7 years ago we noticed that there was no other guitar repair shops in the area with a quick turn around. Bob and Ed take the time to treat every job big or small the same…we do not approach any job with arrogance, basically we are just proud to be able to work somewhere we love and that spreads the joy of music. We ourselves are working musicians and we know what its like to need our guitar repaired in time for our next gig. Basically, we repair your instruments just like they are our own. We listen to every customer and will accommodate most emergency Services even on a backed up busy day. Read more>>

Karuna Diedericks Antonio Manega | Owners of Karuna’s Kitchen and Kanto Food, Houston’s Plant-Based Ayurvedic Food Enterprise

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together” (Unknown) Having a strong sense of purpose and belonging with each other, we are able to combine the best of our individual talents and skills to create our brand. A positive attitude, along with knowledge and experience, allows me to find quick solutions to the inevitable challenges of running a business. When working with others, I am able to hone into their strengths and magnify them. An expert planner and goal-setter, Antonio balances our duo by encouraging us to constantly set goals, write them down, create timelines, and visualize them happening. With each courageous step, the road rises to meet us, and things fall into place. Read more>>

Julia Abelow | Spa Owner & Licensed Esthetician

I truly believe the most important factor behind my success and growth is that I actually care. Each person who walks into COMPLEXION has one hundred percent of my energy and focus so that they can receive the best service. All clients receive custom treatments upon evaluation as skin care is not a “one size fits all”. COMPLEXION brings together the perfect blend of Professional treatments and products with lavish amounts of spa relaxation. I’ll never forget that early in my Aesthetics career my witch of a boss noticed I was spending too much time in the patients rooms getting to know them and checking every last detail of the skin. She told me that I care too much and that would be my down fall……. cue Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now” because I’ve built my whole business off of customer service, connection, customization, and love for the art that is skincare!. Read more>>

Tricia Dugat | Designer / Illustrator / Entrepreneur

It’s kind of simple, in fact, kind of stupid simple – ha. Showing up again and again has been the most important factor. There are lots of ups and downs to running a business, and when you’re selling a product specifically, there’s a lot of risk involved. I’ve found the best way to overcome the anxiety of taking these kinds of risks is to keep moving forward. Sometimes things flop, sometimes, they really flop, and sometimes they succeed in a way I had never anticipated, but I’m not here to worry about that. I’m here to take calculated risks, and take directives from God. My mission is centered on Him, so He’s ultimately running the show. I show up and receive whatever He wants me to receive. Read more>>

Ayah Hadiyah | Fashion Stylist & Owner of Namebrand The Label

The most important factor behind any success that I have been able to achieve is authenticity. Staying true to myself and not obsessing over how other people do things has helped me to stay sane,serene, and successful. I believe each of us have our own unique gifts to present to the world. Those who share their gifts instead of repaving a path that has already been laid are granted success. Read more>>

Rose Tello | Brand Photographer for Creatives

Hard work, persistence, disciple, passion, grit, patience, and optimism. I owed it to myself to curate the life I wanted. I think it’s important to know what you really want out of life and know why. When y0u don’t compare yourself to others or don’t want what others have, you start to find your version of success. With bigger goals, like graduating, buying a house, starting a career, owning a business, getting out of debt, traveling, finding love, and surrounding myself with people that aligned with my values, I was able to see my version of success. Read more>>

Sandy Garza | Actress, Model, Dog Mom, Beauty & Fitness Enthusiast

Success to me, is peace of mind, knowing that I made an effort to become the best I am capable of becoming. So as I am accomplishing one major life goal, I’m already thinking of what my next one is going to be. I’ve had my fair share of triumphs, but I always stay hungry. Read more>>

Meghan Temple | Jewelry Curator-Enthusiast

The most important factor behind success or life in general, I believe, is just being real & 100% honest with yourself or wherever it is you’re doing. We get so caught up in the hype of what everyone else is doing that we forget to pat ourselves on the back. Being a small business owner is not for the weak. You have to be determined & have an idea/outline of where/what you are trying to do. The best advice that I can offer other SBO’s is to get out and get active in your community’s. We want our businesses to blow up and be successful right away that we tend to solely focus on social & marketing, but how can you expect to hit the numbers/goals you have for yourself when no one knows who you are? Get your name out in your community and surrounding areas first! Once I stopped solely relying on my content a d products to push and sell themselves & I started doing the work and being more hands on is when I saw an increase in my numbers. Read more>>

Gerardo Fisher | Aerospace Engineer

Success comes in all sizes, flavors, and colors. What “success” is to one person might not be “success” for another. People associate success with money, cars, loving and being loved. But I believe the most important factor to achieving this paradise of “success” is by never feeling successful and/or not letting that “success” get to your head. Whatever your definition of success might be; there is always going to be an opportunity to do your job better tomorrow, there is always going to be ways to impact your community positively, there is always going to be a chance to love that special someone more passionately, there is always going to be room for improvement, there is always going to be room to be better, there is always going to be room for more. This applies to all aspects of life. My definition of success is being able to improve as a person and become the best version of myself possible every day through work, helping my community, and loving my family and friends. Read more>>

Adrian Jimenez | Founder & CEO

The most important factor behind my success is to never give up. Never lose the vision of your “why!” If your “why” is strong enough, then the “how” is irrelevant. I own my decisions, own who I am, and live without apology. In my mind – either you’re moving forward, or you’re standing still. Read more>>

Tammie Peterson | Wellness Coach & Specialist @ Solle Naturals

Genuine interest in people and a true desire to help people! People feel genuine interest, and people feel “agenda”. I truly am interested in people and who they are and how I can help them feel better- they know the difference- immediately. I feel that is why I have had success- genuine interest & care for people is my “niche”! Solle Naturals fits me perfectly- it’s aimed to help people feel better emotionally and physically! I LOVE that!. Read more>>

BLU | Fluid Artist & Poet

I’d say that the most important factor of my success is maintaining my authenticity. I’ve noticed that people tend to lose their sense of identity once they reach a certain point in their careers and forget why they starting doing what they do in the first place. That’s lame. If my “why” isn’t constant, there’s no point in continuing. At a certain point, it’d feel like a lie or that I’m trying to be something I’m not. I’d rather quit than do that. Read more>>

Tiffany Worthy | Creative Director & Ceo

There are so many, but the most vital would be passion. I could honestly say, without my passion for aiding others in their journey of self-acceptance and self-confidence; my brand would not be successful or been fortunate to pivot through many obstacles I have faced along the way. I’ve been told, Passion leads to obsession, which breeds focus and that is exactly why I am where I am today because I never lacked focus in the reason why I started and that has profoundly influenced my success. Read more>>